In a city full of social media influenced entrepreneurs, Aniyah Sarai tells us how SHE uses social media and of course, her undeniable talent to separate herself from the rest!

Instagram: @saraihairdesigns @theeebraidpimp

20 year old Aniyah Sarai started doing hair about a year and a half ago, at the age of 18. It all started with a friend of hers asking for a simple braided style. After just one post, Aniyah’s business started to take off. At just 3 months in, Sarai Hair Designs had its first genuine photoshoot. Shortly after this sudden success, Aniyah felt herself and her business coming to a standstill. She gives all thanks to her spiritual beliefs and consistent prayer for the real takeoff of her business. Aniyah Sarai states that putting God and prayer into her business has brought her to the most success thus far.

Since the beginning, Aniyah has had confidence in her talents; but to this day, she is her own biggest critic and aims to progress every day. She started to freestyle braid about 3 months in to her business journey. That was the time which she realized her skill and technique were distinctive and her own. Aniyah Sarai has been published in multiple magazines such as; Essence Magazine and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine. She often collaborates with social media influencers, clothing brands, and photographers. Aniyah uses social media to her advantage by studying her clients pre-appointment, their face shape, and over all aesthetic in order to give the best advice per style.

She loves the use of social media for building quick client to stylist relationships, swift marketing, and rapid response times. Her biggest tip for boosting social media posts is to tag at least ten companies that inspire you, you’d like to work with, or that you’re wearing. When aiming to stay active, Aniyah says to post 2-4 times a week on your home page, and 3 times a day on your story.

Along with her braiding business, Aniyah keeps herself busy with another sector of her brand. “SHhh Designs,” which includes the custom colored braiding hair she uses in her styles, and hair accessories. “SHhh” stands for “Sarai Hair,” but is also representative of her brand because it’s unpredictable what she’ll do next! Aniyah Sarai puts a twist on everything she does, from the colorful hair, to the unrepeatable styles.

Some of Aniyah Sarai’s goals include becoming a travel hairstylist and doing hair out of California, Texas, and Florida. She also aspires to get to a point where her online business takes over and she is only braiding two times a week. Aniyah works hard to provide for her four month old son and expands her sources of incomes in order to do so. Aniyah Sarai is a fresh, intelligent, go-getter! She is becoming the epitome of a successful business through means of social media. This goal driven entrepreneur makes following your dreams look easy. SHhh Designs will change the way we look at urban fashion and hairstyles. Aniyah leaves us with this mandate, “I challenge you to try something new!” Stay tuned, and follow SHhh to see what she will do next!

Fun Facts:

⦁ Favorite food is Mexican food

⦁ Favorite rapper is Kodak Black

⦁ Did MMA for 8 years