From the beginning of music times we’ve heard the stories of artists battling addiction or even worse dying from drug overdose. 

What is it about drugs that make it so appealing to those in their prime spotlight  music industry?

You ever heard the saying more money, more problems… well yea this is that. The sheer accessibility to feel self induced (medicinal) highs at any given time they choose or… all the time has to be such a power trip.

Even more propelling are the drug filled lyrics further perpetuating the drug usage. With almost every hip hop song mentioning high profile drugs it’s almost hard to avoid. Drugs become like acceptance and a social lubricant.

The correlation of consistently listening or being around drug use reinforces the classical conditioning  from the stimuli producing drug prone behaviors. Reactions are more prone to continue or begin drug usage. Drug overdose is the leading cause of death of millenials.

Drug use in music is popular artist and fans alive participate in drug usage before concerts, during shows and while recording music. Their substance abuse defines the lifestyle of countless performers across all genres. From popping pills and snorting cocaine to smoking marijuana and binge drinking, drug and alcohol abuse has plagued the music industry for decades. 

Examples of fallen musicians who fell victim to drug overdose and unfortunately are no longer with us are as follows: Lil Peep, Juice Wrld, Mac Miller, Prince, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and more.

While drugs may always play a huge part in the music industry due to the social bonding, dopamine, etc it’s important to use extreme precaution and only take prescriptions if they are prescribed by a doctor. The ramification of leisurely taking drugs have led to accidents, overdose, and even death.