What makes a good DJ? Their love of music, taste, creativity, and technique. The DJ is what creates the atmosphere for events. Setting the vibe and controlling the energy level is critical to the success of an event. DJ Torres love and passion for his craft have blessed him with making his hobby a full-time job as well as countless opportunities such as getting flown out to DJ in Miami for super bowl weekend at Pitbulls club. We’ve had the opportunity to sit down and get to know DJ Torres.

DJ Torres live in Miami for Super Bowl Weekend

The Interview

Where did it start for you? Why did you start DJing? – I originally started because my dad was a DJ back in the day and he would tell me stories about how he would have so many good times with his friends, and I thought it sounded fun. From that day forward, I was telling him I wanted to be a DJ, so he downloaded software on his computer and told me to learn it. So, I learned the ins and outs, and next year for Christmas, I got turntables, and the rest was history.

What’s your equipment to use? – My favorite mixer is a DJM S9 and two technique 1200 turntables.

What was your favorite event you got to DJ at and why? – First club back when I was in high school, I forgot what it was called exactly, it was in downtown I think I was 15 or 16. It was my favorite because I blew the roof off of it and it showed me how the club industry was.

DJ Torres in action at West Gate

What are your goals for this year? – Be a good person and better my craft, take it day by day. I believe if I keep this up, more opportunities will show. Also, shout out to Scott & Mellisa Mac for always taking care of me!

What’s one song that DJs should play more that’s underrated? – I would say Becky by Plies.

What one of your biggest mistakes you learned as a DJ – My biggest mistake was trusting others that I shouldn’t have trusted. When I first started, the promoter disappeared when I was supposed to get paid, and from that day on, I make sure I get paid before.

Who are some DJs you look up to? – DJ Al3, DJ Dario, DJ Complex, DJ M2, DJ Tyger, DJ Robby Rob and Matt Villa and Chris Villa.

What’s some advice you give to anybody being an aspiring DJ? – Do not fake the funk! Do it because you love it and don’t do it because you think it’s a trend.

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Dj Torres Practicing