First and foremost, I am happy and blessed to be able to officially fill my father’s shoes and bring Urban AZ to new heights. I have plenty of experience in the concert industry as I have produced my own concerts in the past, such as Daniel Caesar and Migos, just to name a few. Below are some of the new things we are implementing as well as updates!

Urban AZ Foundation

While all of us personally do our part in donating and helping out the community whenever we can, we want to take things a step farther and create the Urban AZ Foundation. The Urban AZ foundation will focus on supporting social justice causes as well as awarding college scholarships, providing supplies to families and children that are in need, and educate the youth with life knowledge and skills that aren’t typically taught in K-12 schools. 50% of all of our future concert and advertisement revenue will be donated to the UAZ foundation (unless stated that more will be donated). More information can be found HERE.

$100 Grocery Gift Card Giveaway

We are starting to give back to the community by giving out 10 $100 grocery gift cards. Please email with what you are going through, and we will pick the most compelling ones.

Future Of Urban AZ Concerts

There’s not much to explain about the future of concerts. We will continue with our concerts when it’s safe to do so. When we return, our shows will be bigger and better than ever before.

Urban AZ Media

We want to get more involved with the community, so we plan to be present at many events around the valley with our promotion team to interact and take free photos. Also, we will be active on our blog posts, giving the most value as we can to our readers as well as consistently updating/improving our website.

We are excited for the future. Thank you to all Urban AZ supporters.

-DJ Ware