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Urban AZ Update !

First and foremost we would like to say thank you for all the support as we would be nothing without you guys!

Urban AZ is implementing a few changes to improve our brand in a big way. 

  • Throughout the rest of February, we will be making improvements on our website. 
  •  We hired a customer support representative so we can answer any questions or concerns faster.
  •  We will be starting a blog that will be covering many topics related to urban entertainment and businesses in Arizona.
  •  We will be at various events taking free photos and posting them on our facebook page.
  • We will be utilizing different venues and will be bringing bigger/better shows in the future (Hint: Urban AZ's 20th year anniversary is coming up!)
  • Business Inquires? (Ex: Advertisement, sponsorship, vendor opportunities, etc) Contact:


Again, thank you for the support throughout the years. 

- DJ Ware, Co Owner 

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  • I am just here for the comments. Be blessed good luck ladies and gentlemen.

    Kiki Brabham
  • Love what you do. Thats great your going to use diff venues. I know a few people that wont go to celebrity theartre because of the seats( no legroom).

    J Taylor

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