Arizona's Next Break Out Artist: Yung Reece


In a state that is not musically inspired, Arizona has a lot of young and upcoming talent. Yung Reece is on the path of being the next break out artist from Arizona. There is still a lot of mystery about Yung Reece so naturally, we wanted to know more.

The Interview

DJ Ware: What made you want to do music?

Yung Reece: Ive always wanted to do music but i never really had a passion for it like I've built in the past year. I studied a lot of artists on how they move and i didn't really make a move until i was 100% sure and that's why i feel like stuff is taking off quicker than most artists.

DJ Ware: Your favorite concert you performed at and why?

Yung Reece: Jacquees at the Marquee theatre because I stepped on stage and felt like a star. 

DJ Ware: Biggest Musical inspirations?

Yung Reece: Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Ozuna & many more but those are my top 3.

DJ Ware: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Yung Reece: Being able to help other artists in my shoes because i know its hard to showcase your music in a state that isn't musically inspired. 

DJ Ware: What was your influence when you recording your EP Aye Mami?

Yung Reece: I always been into reggatone music but never really tried it so i got the tools i needed, made it happen, and hit number 2 on the charts.

DJ Ware: How did you feel when you found out you got featured on sprite?

Yung Reece: I felt blessed and started to realize that everything I'm doing is starting to get noticed little by little by bigger and bigger companies. 

DJ Ware: Do you have a routine or ritual you do before every show?

Yung Reece: I always pray, i always play a song that the girls can dance and sing to and thank god for the position i am that day. 

DJ Ware: Whats your next upcoming show?

Yung Reece: Possibly California tour in May.

Fun Facts

Favorite Food - Pepperoni Pizza

Celebrity Crush - Layton Greene

Favorite Sneakers - Air Force 1s

Pre Order his new single Fallin' here:

Instagram: ItsYungReece

Twitter: ItsYungReece

What do you think of Yung Reece? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • This dude is amazing thank you for putting me on

  • He’s fire 🙌🏾

    Kendall Johnson

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