Get To Know Upcoming Arizona Artist: Hercc

Herccs hardwork and dedication to be one of the next big artists out of Arizona has not gone unnoticed. From recently winning Respect The Undergrounds best performance contest to opening up for artists such as 21 savage and Lil Yachty, Jaray Mills, also known as Hercc is destined to be on the list of artists to make it big in Arizona. 

The Interview

DJ Ware: Why did you start rapping?

Hercc: I started rapping because when i was done with college, i was playing around with music with my brother. He was doing music for almost 10 years. He was building a studio and when the studio was done, he told me to come by and mess with the music. Ive always liked music but I never took it seriously before. When i got to the studio, Ive started recording and new looked back since. 

DJ Ware: Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

Hercc: My biggest music inspirations are A Boogie & Drake. Drake is one because how he always makes hits and makes music relatable to everybody. A Boogie is one as well because he's melodic on everything, the way he changes his voice around and make everything sound wonderful.

DJ Ware: How did you link up with your manager (DJ)?

Hercc: I met him last year, He started hanging around with my friends and he saw what I was doing with my music and was interested. He is for-sure a big blessing in my life and he came into my life for a reason. Im forever thankful that i met him.

DJ Ware: Whats your favorite show you've performed at and why?

Hercc: Lil Yachty because the energy/vibes I was getting off the concert. Being able to perform on the same stage as Lil Yachty was a crazy feeling and also knowing i had one of the best performances was amazing. 

DJ Ware: Dream collaboration?

Hercc: My dream collaboration would be Drake easily. If i ever got one from Drake then you know my career is going places.

DJ Ware: Do you have a ritual or a routine you do before every show?

Hercc: Nah, i just like spending time with friends and family, i like treating it like a normal day. 

DJ Ware: About how many hours a week do you spend in the studio?

Hercc: Some weeks i will be in there 40 hours a week and some weeks i will be 3 hours a week but the average i would say 30 hours a week.

DJ Ware: Whats your opinion on the hip hop culture in Arizona?

Hercc: The hip hop culture is growing by the year and i think artists are starting to realize the talent that the city has. I believe that if you want to be a world known artist you have to get out of Arizona because of connections (no disrespect on Arizona), i just see the business aspect. 

DJ Ware: Who you credit with helping you to where you are now?

Hercc: I give God credit for blessing me everyday and the ability to wake up, my brother Kyle for providing you with the tools i need with the studio, LilWillieAnimal for mixing my songs, all my friends, fans and my family. 

DJ Ware: Can you explain how linking up with Futuristic came about!

Hercc: Futuristic listened to my track Big, and he reached out to me on instagram saying he liked my song and he asked me to come by and do a interview and rap the song. He's been showing me mad love and hopefully we can link in the future on something. 

DJ Ware: Any word of advice for anybody inspiring to be a hip hop artist out of AZ?

Hercc: Don't listen to other peoples opinion, the only one that matters in yours, always work hard, trust in god, and there's many times where you want to give up but always believe in yourself and stay persistent. 

Check out Herccs latest single Jesus on Apple Music and Spotify

Instagram: Click Here

Twitter: Click Here

YouTube: Click Here

Hercc will be performing with YBN Cordae July 27th at The Press Room. Get your tickets HERE

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