Get to know one of the hardest workers in the Arizona music scene: DJ YoursTruly

There are many individuals in Arizona that are working hard to make a name for themselves. One individual that stands out is a native from Tucson, Arizona named  Mario Martinez aka DJ YoursTruly. From creating his own radio show to  managing fast rising artist Yung Reece, YoursTruly is making a lot of moves. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding YoursTruly so naturally we wanted to know more about him. 


DJ Ware: How did it all start for you? 

DJ YoursTruly: I played football and that was a major part of my life. I went to school and I wasn’t feeling football anymore and music has always been a big part of my life. This guy from the community center I grew up with was a DJ and I always watched him. When I got done with football, I asked him to teach me more and I got blessed with many opportunities which one of those opportunities being the opening DJ with local artist TK for the Tyga concert and the rest was history after that.

DJ Ware: What do you love about the entertainment industry? 

DJ YoursTruly: I love the grind of it and putting together shows. Everybody thinks its easy but me and you know it’s a complete grind. You have to go into it knowing you could possibly lose it all, but I love seeing the event develop and the outcome.

DJ Ware:  What do you hate about the entertainment industry? 

DJ YoursTruly: I hate with dealing with artists, their managers and people asking for free entry all the time.

DJ Ware: Who is your biggest inspiration? 

DJ YoursTruly: My biggest inspiration is my mom because she’s been working and she started a family when she was 15, bought her first house when she was 19, and still continues to work works when shes sick. She's also my biggest inspiration because she's one of the strongest people I know and I want to help her retire.

DJ Ware:  What was the process of linking with up and coming artist Yung Reece? 

DJ YoursTruly: So we known each other for about a year, he would perform with at my partner ClassPMeyers events and we always wanted to work with each other but never really got to it, then in August when he performed at one of our events we chopped it up and we ended up linking with each other at a Tyga show in October and the rest was history.

DJ Ware: What are your plans for the future? 

DJ YoursTruly: My plans in the future -43 to potential open up doors for talented upcoming artists, be an A&R and create a personal platform (talk show, develop concerts, etc.)

DJ Ware: What advice would you give to anybody wanting to work in the entertainment industry 

DJ YoursTruly: Patience is the key, and just be ready for a “rollercoaster”. You are going to be on a smooth track, drop back down and come back up. Understand that nothing will happen overnight, and social media and consistent content is key, and also just make sure you're going into it for the right reasons.

DJ Ware: What is your preferred equipment to work with for DJING ? 

DJ YoursTruly: I like CJDs but I’m really comfortable with the DDJ SX2

DJ Ware: What is one track that never gets old no matter how much you play it? 

DJ YoursTruly: Busta Rhymes – I know what you want

DJ Ware: What’s one thing you hate that DJs do during their set? 

DJ YoursTruly: I hate when a DJ text during their set depending on the event. 


Keep up with DJ YoursTruly by following him on social media

Instagram: @Djyourstrulyradio

Twitter: @Trulyradio

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