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Arizona is full of up and coming artists, entrepreneurs and overall talented people. One of these individuals making a name for herself is Maya Moore. Maya is a 21 year old self made entrepreneur from Phoenix Arizona. She has been recently making noise with her show Soul Entertainment Television as well as promoting some of the hottest events to come to the valley. There is still much mystery around Maya Moore so we wanted to know more: 

The Interview

DJ Ware: Break down Soul Entertainment Television.

Maya Moore: The name speaks for its self, as most might know it from interviewing celebrities, local artist and Guy and Girl Talk. I am expanding the show, as a whole network. Currently I have a TV Series that was directed by Myles Malik called “We Need to talk”, those episodes are explaining what the director himself and also his friend has been though in their life, so it is based off of a true story. Currently what I am now launching for the show will be called “Soul of the Month”. It is a competition between whatever area your work is in so if you’re a make up artist, photographer, music artist, fashion design etc. you will be able to enter in the competition and have people vote for you to win in your category. The  “Soul of the month” the winner gets to get a small document series on them about their talent and passion. I’m very excited about this because not only will it bring more attention to locals here in the area but it will help them expand once more people know about them. I myself love supporting people and want nothing but everyone to win, and be blessed.


DJ Ware: Where did the idea of Soul Entertainment Television come from?

Maya Moore: The Show started back March 2017 with my Friend Ishmaiah Walker. Since I was a little kid I have always wanted to have my own TV show, reason is I wanted to be able to express my own option and thoughts on this without being limited on what I could say or not say, with more thought I didn’t just want people to hear my point of view or opinion but others as well. Why? Because eveyone has her own opinion and view on things and everyone is different so it’s really good to hear those different views and opinions it’s also very interesting. With the guy and girl talks to see people be very comfortable with speaking into the camera but also voicing their opinion gives me joy and I have had nothing but amazing reviews from people that have came on the show and even if you have not came on the show you feel like you’re there and in the conversation and that’s my whole goal. I want you to be able to express your opinion and speak from your SOUL while entertaining us. It is a judgement free zone you’re able to be yourself. 


DJ Ware: Who are your current biggest inspirations?

Maya Moore: My biggest inspirations are Cardi B, Da Baby & Oprah, Beyonce and Jay Z. Cardi B & Da Baby are my inspirations because they are confident and hark working. Beyonce and Jay Z are my inspiration too because they is extremely smart and don't brag about what they do. Also Oprah is one of my inspirations as well because throughout all her trials and tribulations, she was able to get to where is she is currently.


DJ Ware: Would you say you're facing any challenges currently or is any obstacles holding you back that you are currently trying to get around?

Maya Moore: Nothing is holding me back from getting me where I need to go, if there is something that gets in my way I know I have a blessing around the corner that’s even better than what I was going after, as long as I God and Myself I will always be fine and moving forward in life.


DJ Ware: Who is your favorite person you interviewed and why?

Maya Moore: My favorite person I interviewed is Fat Boy SSE because me being with his team the whole day and I got to see him working in action and he's a hard working person and is really about expanding his brand all the way around, he has his new album coming out named “TYRIQ” and he is very passionate about his music. Seeing him work was very inspiring to me and him and his team are extremely humble, supportive and hard working people. Miss Mullato was also one of my favorite interviews as well. I got to interview her in the club; she was also very humble and nice. The interview was different because I got it in the club but it was really worth it. 


DJ Ware: What are your biggest goals you want to accomplish before 2020?

Maya Moore: Before 2020, my biggest goals is to grow more mentally, physically, financially and grow and better and stronger relationship with God. Gain more knowledge and be able to expand the show and myself as a promoter and marketer. I’m also very excited for everyone to see what my team PLV has in stored for. I am very blessed and thankful for my team it is nothing but support and positive vibes can’t wait to see us grow and expand more than we have already. I recently started my eyelash business named “Moorelahses” so I’m also excited for the growth of that. It is something that I really like doing seeing my clients happy with their results make me the happiest.


DJ Ware: If you can interview anybody who would it be and why?

Maya Moore: If I could Interview anyone it would be Cardi B, Dababy, Megan Stallion nor Blac Younsta. The reason is their personalities are dope and I really think the interviews with them would be just good vibes and funny. 


DJ Ware: Any advice you would give to anybody inspiring to do what you do?

Maya Moore: My advice would be to really create your own work ethic, be different from other people in the industry, go the extra mile, go out and promote yourself, speak to a lot people, and build relationships. Never judge someone you don’t know because you never know who knows who no matter how big or small they are. There might be people that think they are better than you which is totally fine you just have to gain their respect but don’t hate because everyone starts somewhere and builds up to be where ever they are now. The best and smartest thing I could say is to have God buy your side and in your corner and always be thankful no matter what. 


Fun Facts About Maya Moore

Favorite Food: Any type of seafood or thanksgiving things like collard greens, yams, etc.

Celebrity Crush: Da Baby & Key Glock.

Favorite Movie: Salt or Colombiana.

Favorite Things To Do: Watch Vlad TV, watch inspirational videos and find things to improve my craft.


To Keep Up With Maya Moore:

Soul Entertainment Television Youtube Channel: Click Here

Instagram: @ItsMayaMoore

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  • I love how Urban AZ supports locals and this was an amazing article hoping to hear more about Maya

    Shonda Adams
  • you’re a true inspiration – will definitely be telling my daughter about you

    Olivia Blown
  • I love to see young black entrepreneurs i am rooting for you!


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