Urban AZ Update

Most importantly thank you for all of your support throughout the 20 years Urban AZ has been established as we would be nothing without you!

We have a few updates! Moving forward we will be working on improving and adding more value to our website as well. (Any suggestions would be appreciated as we value feedback! Leave them in the comments below!)

1.) Blogs

- Starting tomorrow, we will be posting blogs on a consistent level. Some topics will include: Local artist of the week, Our top 10 music selection of the week (new and old school) and local business features. 

- Have anybody who should be featured? Please email info@urbanaz.com

2.) Services

- We are now offering services to any business, artist, entrepreneur and promoter that is in need of advertising along with 3rd party ticketing services. 

- Soon we will offer consulting to anybody that wants to learn the concert business as well as outsourcing our DJs, videographers and event photographers for events!

- For more info on our advertising service please click HERE

- For more information on our 3rd party ticketing service please click HERE

3.) Future Events

- Many of you guys have been asking about why we slowed down on our own events.

- We plan to use different venues in the future! We also are planning our biggest event yet (Can you guess what it is? Leave your guess in the comments below!)

4.) Urban AZ Setting Up At Events And Free Photos

- Urban AZ will be at many events in the future taking free photos. If you see our tent or booth at any event, come over for a chance to win some cool prizes and giveaways!


Again, thank you for your support for the last 20 years as we appreciate the support as we continue to keep striving!



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  • Lets not forget George Clinton & the PFunk allstars fairwell tour. Yes, its true the man is 78 this year and its time for pfunk to rest! I know he’s coming in August to celebrity theatre. Also, the list above is a good one, we need to add Boney James, Richard Elliot, Marion Meadows & Brian Culbertson to the list!

    Mike M
  • My guess is you guys are planning a summer bash of the decade … biggest pool party concert to hit the valley or that could just be me making stuff up .

  • Bring back the message boards for the new generation!


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