Samsung Galaxy S30 Design Leaked: Goodbye Camera Hump? It is also available standalone for $10 a month. The version 1.0 release of Illustrator for iPad became available to download on October 20, 2020. And, as a 1.0 release, this is just the beginning. © Apple Pencil support makes drawing easier on the iPad app. While few details have emerged from the beta's lucky invitees yet, MacRumours recently shared a hands-on video of the app in action: Given everything that Adobe Illustrator for iPad can do, not to mention its excellent Apple Pencil integration, it’s easy to recommend. Helps to create professional artworks. Furthermore, it can automatically simplify the curves and the number of points when you’re using Apple Pencil. And with 2020's brand new iPad Pro now available (bringing a brand new processor and trackpad support to the device), Illustrator for iPad is sure to be one hell of a powerful tool. Adobe has released the Illustrator for the iPad today after months of beta testing. It also has mirror, grid and radial repeat for patterns and makes use of the device’s camera as well. For starters, you have access to all the fonts on your iPad, and thousands more through the Creative Cloud app. Review Adobe Illustrator membership plans and prices. We’ve spent over a week with the Illustrator for iPad Beta to figure out if the company’s masterful multi-purpose toolkit has transitioned to Apple's tablet-line successfully. After a 15-minute learning curve, we were creating icons and setting type on the tablet, then flinging files to our laptop for finishing touches. As a typography tool, it’s virtually unparalleled and is a great way to get ideas out of your head when a computer isn’t within reach. It’s free for Creative Cloud members who have a plan that includes Illustrator. Its selection tool works with a finger or an Apple Pencil, though you can’t beat the precision of a stylus. Adobe claims Illustrator for iPad is just ‘the beginning’ and intends to put in more features and options, such as brushes, effects and having a sketch-to-vector option in the near future. Layer management for example is finicky, as is selecting multiple items, and of course, the missing keyboard shortcuts noticeably slowed us down. Other advanced Illustrator features like Image Trace are missing, and you forgo some of the granular control over all elements, so no distorting images or adding drop shadows. Illustrator for iPad is included with a Creative Cloud subscription. Instantly, this should give seasoned Illustrator users a sense of the limitations here. Adobe Illustrator, the vector-based software used my millions, has been reimagined for the iPad. Adobe Illustrator for iPad and iPad Pro is now available, Start building your own website with the RapidWeaver 8 Bundle, Achieve Perfect Immersion with the $70 Off HyperX Cloud Orbit Gaming Headset, Canada to have redesigned Apple Maps soon, Amazon Luna early access arrives on iOS and Mac, The EC1 electric height adjustable standing desk is 15% off today, The magnetic lightning cable to USB and USB-C is 17% off today, Twelve South BookArc for MacBook is 26% off today, New ‘Peanuts’ special to launch on Apple TV+. Plus, Adobe’s library of over 18,000 Font options is also available on Illustrator for iPad. The repeat tool is particularly well optimized for iPad, packing all the frivolity of a spirograph with the potential utility and time saving that you really need when you don’t have all the power of desktop software at your fingertips. Adobe Illustrator is coming to the iPad. Adobe has redesigned the app to work with Apple Pencil and iPad’s touch support. The first thing we noticed that didn’t work was keyboard shortcuts. Familiar and pared-back, that's the name of the game as soon as you fire up Illustrator for iPad. All Rights Reserved. Adobe has added a Pencil and touch screen for a better experience. Pros: Adobe Illustrator has multi-platform support, offers many edit options also on mobile devices. There are three ways to create lines in the app - point by point, using the pencil, or using the brush. Get ready to take your imagination to new places with Illustrator on the iPad. iPhone 12 Pro Benchmarks Prove the A14 is a BEAST? Adobe claims they made Illustrator more streamlined and easy to work with. You can download it either as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription or with a standalone app subscription. Illustrator for iPad comes with the ability to snap the handles on points to specific degrees. We are reader supported. Get the freshest Pocketnow updates to your mailbox. Some features are still missing, but they are likely not the things you use on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, the Apple Pencil integration is stellar, as is Creative Cloud syncing. The company says its new app will work on any of Apple’s tablets that also support its Pencil stylus.

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