Muscles, as we have seen, are attached to bones by tendons and assist us in moving from one position to another. If the particles randomly move around ("diffuse") in the water, they eventually become distributed randomly and uniformly from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, and organized. – See more at: Diffusion is a type of passive transport that does NOT require the use of cellular energy to move molecules, other than water molecules, from an area of higher concentration to the area of lesser concentration. There exist three distinct kinds of muscle tissue within the body: cardiac, skeletal, and smooth. Meiosis consists of several phases, as shown in the picture above, that include the: Meiosis is the process that occurs during the fertilization of the ovum with sperm. In summary nerves stimulate our muscles, which in turn move our bones via the tendinous attachments near joints, which are connected by ligaments. The nervous system appears like thousands of little wires that function as transmitters, receivers, and interpreters of data from all parts of the body. $8.35 $ 8. The peripheral nervous system is divided into two major functional subsystems which are the: The autonomic nervous system controls automatic and involuntary physiological functions of the body that are outside of our control.

The cell membrane performs this gate keeping function with its level of permeability. Anatomy and physiology are closely related concepts that are often studied together. The generalized structure and molecular components of a cell. In meiosis, the chromosome or chromosomes duplicate (during interphase) and homologous chromosomes exchange genetic information (chromosomal crossover) during the first division, called meiosis I.

The integument is often said to be the largest organ in the body, comprising 16% of total body weight. General Anatomy and Physiology of a Human: TEAS, Basic Terms and Terminology Relating to the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body, Terms Relating to Anatomical Structures and Directions, Post-Master’s Certificate Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Anatomy: The study of the parts and structures of the human body, Physiology: The study of the functions of the human body, Gross anatomy: The study of the parts and structures of the human body that can be seen with the naked eye and without the use of a microscope, Microscopic anatomy: The study of the parts and structures of the human body that can NOT be seen with the naked eye and only seen with the use of a microscope. The central nervous system is of vital importance to both the aspiring and competitive bodybuilder (as it is to the rest of our species and any other species). The nervous system appears like thousands of little wires that function as transmitters, receivers, and interpreters of data from all parts of the body.

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As the name connotes, form the tissues of the muscles which serve to move the body.

The anatomical position is the frame of reference for many other terms relating to anatomy, anatomical structures and anatomical directions. When functioning with its parts in proper unison, the body is an intricate and complex piece of machinery. The somatic nervous system, in sharp contrast to the autonomic nervous system, controls voluntary physiological bodily functions such as voluntary muscular movement with the skeletal muscles of the body.

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