The bill is long but thin, the lower mandible is longer than upper one.
With a pouch of skin, called a throat sac, connected to the lower mandible to act as a net, they are able to catch fish and filter out the water.

They also feed on earthworms and grasshoppers. Scientific name: Pelecanus crispus Length: 5-6 feet Beak Length: 14-18 inches. Scientific name: Rynchops nigra Length: 16-20 inches Beak Length: 3-4 inches. Subscribe to our Newsletter and never miss another TMW article... Top 10 Most Strange Looking Birds In The World. They soar with incredible steadiness on broad, white and black wings. Made with in World | Copyright © 2020 TMW. This casque is largest one among horn family, which also brings this common name for them. The shape and size of a bird’s beak can tell us what it eats and sometimes how it catches its prey. Scientific name: Pteroglossus torquatus Length: 16 inches Beak Length: 4 inches. We'll go through the characteristics and then give you examples of long-beaked birds … The female bird have longer bill than that of male birds. The long legs of roseate spoonbills help them easily walk in water, the bright pink coloring feathers also makes this species of bird more attractive. This type of horn never can seen with other pelican species. Atop its bill is a feature called a casque, which has a striking upward curve like a rhino horn, hence the bird's common name. Which is the most beautiful bird in the world? Scientific name: Buceros bicornis Length: 3.1-3.9 feet Beak Length: 9-10 inches. The bills have black color at tip and pale orange at part next to head. While the male's bill curves along its entire length, hers is slightly flatter on top with a more pronounced curve at the tip. This ensures a high survival rate for their young, but becomes a threat if the male is injured or otherwise unable to return – usually due to human intervention. Scientific name: Ciconia ciconia Length: 3.3-3.8 feet Beak Length: 5-8 inches. They have a wide-ranged omnivorous diet consisting of insects, bird chicks, frogs, chameleons, ants, and termites. This wading bird use their special beak to collect food like small aquatic insects and fishes. Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography / Getty Images. But we don't often stop to celebrate that unbelievable beak. Scientific name: Platalea ajaja Length: 28-32 inches Beak Length: 4-6 inches. In fact, it's the only bird that sometimes has a bill longer than its body. The female’s bill is shorter than that of the male, and like all hornbills, contain a casque used to amplify their voice across the African savannah. It’s a unique color with a pink bill and white plumage and black-tipped wings. Using their wings also swims underwater, dive at depth of 200 meters, can catch number of fishes at a time using broad beak. They inhabit many large alkaline environments, such as saline lakes, salt pans, and estuaries throughout Africa. The 8.6 inch long bills in 26 inch body becomes main attraction on this species of bird. The Rhinoceros Hornbill, similar to the Great Hornbill and other birds in that family, has a prominent casque on the top of its beak. It's easy to guess how this bird got its common name. Scientific name: Recurvirostra novaehollandiae Length: 17-17.5 inches Beak Length: 3-5 inches. Scientific name: Phoeniconaias minor Length: 3-3.4 feet Beak Length: 5-7 inches. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wildlifeinformer_com-leader-3','ezslot_15',117,'0','0']));The Shoebill lives in tropical east Africa in large swamps from South Sudan to Zambia. (6 things), What to Do If You Encounter a Venomous Snake (7 Tips), How Do Snakes Give Birth? It’s typically found in shallow water hunting, but has been observed near deep water over dense vegetation as well. This stork-like bird has a bill shaped like a large shoe, which is the bird's most notable feature. It’s only used to scoop up the food, but their catch gets swallowed before takeoff. It's the only pelican species to grow such an appendage. The part of bil nearest to head is deep orange and nearest to tip is deep black. is a site that’s all about wild animals and nature. The long-billed curlew is a North American shorebird that spends winters on the coast and breeds in grasslands.

What's interesting about the American white pelican is that during breeding season, it makes its bill extra flashy. They’re very sensitive to changes in their environment, so are commonly transient and can travel up to 280 miles a day to find a suitable environment.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wildlifeinformer_com-leader-2','ezslot_14',121,'0','0'])); Their bills are a unique shape that’s specialized for their diet of tiny planktonic organisms in the water. They’re a very distinctive and vividly colored bird that has a special preen gland that secretes tinted oil that’s spread across the feathers by the bird during grooming.

eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wildlifeinformer_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',114,'0','0']));Scientific name: Balaeniceps rex Length: 43-60 inches Beak Length: 7.4-9.4 inches. The Black Skimmer is a species of seabirds similar to gulls. Their beak is a vibrant yellow, earning them the affectionate nickname of “flying banana”. Flashy and functional, these birds’ beaks all have flair. Here you’ll find facts, common questions, and general info about all kinds of wildlife and exotic pets. They usually feed on fruits and berries, also like to have insects, lizards and small frogs. They use their enormous bills to extract crabs and other marine invertebrates from the sand or mud. Their upper mandible is strongly keeled and ends in a sharp nail that can be used for self-defense. Beaks can vary significantly in size, shape, color and texture, but are nevertheless similar in the underlying structure.

They spend the majority of the winter in wetlands, tidal estuaries, mudflats, flooded fields, and beaches. They feed mostly on fruits and insects, but have been known to prey on small reptiles, rodents, and smaller birds as well. When Mother Nature decides to specialize an animal, she does it with style. They also found in colonies in breeding time. Sign up to reciece TMW articles and we'll not spam you. Here is a list of 24 birds with long beaks that range from familiar to exotic, but all similar in that they have uniquely long and specialized beaks. The long bill helped them to catching shrimps and crabs from deep tidal mud flats. They’ve been known to cooperate with one another to herd fish into the shallows to make for easy feeding and can be found on inland lakes in the summer and near the coastlines in the winter. They’re arboreal birds, preferring to live in wet, tall, evergreen forests filled with old-growth trees perfect for nesting. The Collared Aracari resembles a more muted toucan and is distantly related to the Toca Toucan. Foraging White Storks visually search for food while walking with their bill pointed at the ground.

Atlantic puffin is an attractive species of seabird native to Atlantic ocean.

It also has a sharp hook at the tip, making it possible for the bird to grip, crush, and pierce prey all at once. Interestingly a unique ‘horn’ will also grows in upper bill of American white pelican during breeding season. They’re also known for their bill-clattering displays they do around their nest or when greeting another bird. The kiwi is the only bird to have its nostrils at the tip of its beak. It’s spread throughout the United States and most of Canada. The bill is one of the longest of any shorebird, rivaling that of the far eastern curlew. Jaymi Heimbuch is a writer and photographer specializing in wildlife conservation. They’re solitary foragers and are highly territorial towards other herons. They’re a wetland bird more well known for their huge feet that enable them to walk on floating vegetation in the shallow lakes in their preferred habitat. These birds use their beaks and sharp talons to maime the prey and are also called day hunters. 4 Flamingo. She is the author of The Ethiopian Wolf: Hope at the Edge of Extinction. They’re solitary in all aspects of life other than breeding, and the male doesn’t even play a role in his children’s lives past the actual mating with the female. The Southern Yellow-Billed Horntail has been made famous by the movie The Lion King – the main bird character Zazu is a Yellow-Billed Horntail. The Southern Giant Petrel is famous for its amazing flying strength and endurance. It is one of the colorful beaks in the world, can see different colors, but green color is found to be spread in most of all area. It sports a bright yellow and black casque on top of its already enormous bill. The Kiwi is also quite dense, with bones that contain marrow, and this makes it difficult to nest in trees. Research has suggested that by adjusting blood flow to the bill, toucans can release more body heat and stay cool. The long curved beaks of some birds help them to finding food easily, also make more attractive than other birds. The bird places the tips of the bill under a cone scale and bites down, which pushes the scale up and exposes the seed. They also use their long and sharp bill to eat other small animals they may come across, including frogs, lizards, and snakes. – Snake Reproduction Explained. Other birds have the nostrils higher up, usually near the base of their face. Sir Francis Canker Photography / Getty Images. They’re also unique in that they have a large pupil with a vertical slit, which is rare in birds. These birds have some of the most amazing beaks and bills in the avian kingdom. Cute and Funny Bird Names It uses this sense of smell and these specially placed nostrils to locate food in leaf litter. Bring back Home Page Alphabetic List Switch to Taxonomic List Albatross Black-footed Laysan Short-tailed Anhinga Auklet Cassin’s Crested Least Parakeet Rhinoceros Atlantic puffins have penguin like colors, called as clown of sea. Contrary to common misconceptions, the American White Pelican never carries food inside of their bill pouch. They may appear delicate, but these birds are strong migrators, going between arctic nesting areas and wintering grounds as far south as Bolivia.

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