The Cinema Snob delights in torturing himself by looking at what can be considered the Fun in Balloonland of the New Millennium. You’re one to judge what you would call the “scientastical” makeup of objects that don’t normally speak. Given the attendance of most showings of this movie, this is probably the only applause they ever got. I&T Today: I was going to ask what the actual inspiration for the character was.
But because of that we can maybe discover something pretty good that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. A movie called Night Of Horror was, like, mesmerizingly bad to watch. He figured he could work backward from that idea by making an interactive aspect with a children's movie around it, with auditory and visual cues telling kids when to sing, dance, and respond to the on-screen action, as well as when to sit down. Her other schtick is that she uses the word “square” to mean “cool” (That’s, like, totally square).

Now Avail  able on Vimeo On Demand! Brad Jones: It wasn’t so much like, “Oh, this will make me stand out from everyone else.” Because this was ten years ago so there wasn’t a lot of anybody else. If it’s like an Italian zombie movie or an Italian cannibal movie or maybe like a funny porno spoof. I would say that that’s still about the worst.


The internet has given birth to plenty of interesting alternatives to traditional media. The Cinema Snob's Unerotic Fantasies DVD Trailer! There’s no guarantees it will bring in a giant audience, but make sure you love doing it. The CGI landscape takes us to a small cottage where the Oogieloves lie asleep in their beds. J. Edgar talks to Windy Window, they find out where the balloon is, J. Edgar contacts the Oogieloves by walkie-talkie, they meet someone, they sing a song, they get the balloon. Braxton probably gives one of the best celebrity performances in the film, but the song itself doesn’t seem like the sort of thing to get kids out of their seats. Either way, the Oogieloves meet Jubilee’s grandmother, Dottie Rounder, who is played by Cloris Leachman. This portion was filmed in a town called Holland, Michigan, and with all the tulips and windmills, you can probably guess where it got its name.

It’s a type of movie that I like watching and I can sit there and just enjoy on my own. They don’t have the physiological makeup for verbal communication!”, “Wow! The Cinema Snob by Brad Jones started like many other shows on Just guessing Can’t say I blame him for not enjoying himself…, 18:54 NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I&T Today: In addition to the Cinema Snob series, you’ve been releasing for series such as “Brad Tries” and “Midnight Screenings”, is there one that you enjoy doing the most? Great, we’re not even two minutes in and the Oogieloves have already offended animals by implying they all speak the same language and parents by implying they’re all fat. I’m not actually Spongey. . Then again those same awards gave Rambo Part 2 Worst Picture.
Featured image Courtesy of Brad Jones – The Cinema Snob.

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Keep in mind this movie opened in OVER TWO THOUSAND THEATERS. I’ve never been a big fan of mean, and I honestly don’t see how we help anyone, and definitely not artists, by being hurtful and snide in the way we discuss their work. I&T Today: Speaking of, this ended up being a good segue, as the Cinema Snob, you’ve reviewed such critically panned films as A Halloween Puppy, Caddyshack 2, and The OogieLoves. Brad Jones: I had a lot of free time [laughs]. I am by no means an Oogieloves apologist, at least when it comes to them in their current form. I knew it was going to be absolutely horrible from what you said, so I got myself a can of rum and cola to prepare myself for this. Lola and the Oogieloves begin to dance slowly. And then this happened to us. Paranoia. So Zoozie uses her poor woman’s Doctor Doolittle abilities to attempt to get the blind injured puffin to fly again.

WHAT THE FUCK, IMDB USERS!? Viselman acquired the rights to a local Detroit kids show called My Bedbugs, chopped off the antennae of said bedbugs, raised $100 million or so through an independent investor for a film trilogy, and in 2009 filmed his would-be magnum opus on location in Michigan with the help of the state’s film tax incentive. *Your information will only be used to send you great content and special offers. Who’s been screwing with this thing? Is that something you want to expand on, kinda move into a different kid of reviewing? ( Log Out /  D: Oh man, what is even with this incoherent thing and why did it get a theatrical release?! The airplane is owned by Rosalie Rosebud, played by Toni Braxton.

Nnngh Ohhh nyoooo!

Yeah, it was poorly made, it was poorly edited. Higher, Goobie, higher!”. But the balloons come to life once again and inform the Oogieloves of a solution, in what is DEFINITELY the weirdest line in this entire movie…, “There’s only one force stronger than the wind…LOVE!”. At the base of the windmill, Lero plays a snake-chanting song to make a tulip grow. Lola plucks him out of his fishbowl (which again raises the question of how he’s able to survive without water) and kisses him (on the lips, no less), for luck- at his request- which causes Lero to make a gesture towards Ruffy as if to say “I’ve got my eye on you, buddy.”. RSS Feed Archives. Does she always rely whoever is around and just hope they know how to play the song she wants to sing? Is that something you want to expand on, kinda move into a different kid of reviewing? I just love wedding cakes- I mean, just bubbles… YEEEAHHH!!

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