}, “The experiences they’ve seen me have and the way they thought they knew me, it just all seemed so good and so easy… I wanted to be completely open about myself.”. It’s taken Clara most of her life to reach that mindset—to be able to value the process and not feel the need to be validated by external landmarks or successes. Time limit is exhausted. By collaborating with Bell, Clara has been able to lend her voice to help break the silence and stigma surrounding mental illness. “There’s not much you can say in four minutes,” she says. endstream endobj 19 0 obj <>stream “It’s really hard but I also know that so many people go through this exact thing, and it’s very important and it’s a big part of me.

“We’re all giving through this book… The more the book sells, the more money I’m able to give, so I’m really happy about that.”. Site Design | SGD, Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Last Two Days, Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 25, Pacific Crest Trail Southern 1/2 SOBO, Part 24, Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 23, Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 21, Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 20, Pacific Crest Trail SOBO Southern 1/2, Part 19, How Olympian Clara Hughes invests her money, ‘I feel this joy’: Olympic champion Clara Hughes on finding liberation and reconnecting with herself on the Appalachian Trail, Simon & Schuster Canada to publish Clara Hughes’ memoir. Not trying to move fast just simply moving. Clara Hughes, humanitarian-adventurer-athlete-nature lover. if ( notice ) “I didn’t need to go up the mountain because the trip wasn’t about harvesting miles and being able to say I’d hiked a 3,500km trail. She has a variety of jobs and projects lined up, including broadcast work for CBC during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. For many years, decades even, she was mainly known to the outside world as a champion athlete. Which is just how … more →, © 2020. That doesn’t mean it’s been painless for her to reveal so much. That matters to her. timeout After spending half her life striving to be the fastest person in the world, six-time Olympic medalist Clara Hughes decided to switch gears and “slow down to the pace of a human being.” This led her to hike over 16,000 kilometres, where she discovered the healing power of movement. “And then not be there to help this person who’s just told me that I really helped them?  =  And I’m not a person who has the capacity to do advertising or put myself out there and be there in the way that I can with Bell Let’s Talk. �=u�p��DH�u��kդ�9pR��C��}�F�:`����g�K��y���Q0=&���KX� �pr ֙��ͬ#�,�%���1@�2���K� �'�d���2� ?>3ӯ1~�>� ������Eǫ�x���d��>;X\�6H�O���w~� !N*�G� ���g�Wu͗&vT��Pl�R4e�^U�� Wf%ʆ���b�y. It was a self-supported trip that covered more than 3,500km, stretching between the trail’s southern terminus on Springer Mountain in Georgia and northern terminus on Mount Katahdin in Maine. %%EOF Another wonderful Wrighwood local, born and raised.
But it is suffering, nonetheless. Clara Hughes, OC OM MSC (born September 27, 1972) is a Canadian cyclist and speed skater who has won multiple Olympic medals in both sports. And I had this amazing experience of being alone and being okay being alone. What a night. 0

But I don’t have $80 million dollars. Open Heart, Open Mind is dedicated “to anyone who has struggled or is struggling.” For Clara, it was important that her book, although a memoir, not truly be about her. Oh well. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_66"); She’s referring to things like epic cycling trips and her Appalachian Trail hike—the more constructive kind of suffering. She recounts how her life changed course after she famously watched a televised Gaétan Boucher speed skate in the 1988 Winter Olympics and knew, at 16, that she too would one day skate for Team Canada. The experience taught her once and for all that medals only mean something to her if they represent more than just having crossed the finish line first.

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