You could use Darna to explain away the Golden Age vs. Silver age Wonder Woman continuity glitch. They also use it to commune with “The Matriarchs” who are the leaders of her people and likely powerful telepaths in their own right. She is always the girl Narda who has swallowed a magic white stone and when she shouts, “Darna!” turns into the “relentless crime fighter who uses her extraordinary abilities of flight and superhuman strength to help in big ways and small ways. Boston could be an interesting possibility while studying medicine at Harvard . Darna is a classic comic book character every bit as iconic as Superman in the Philippines. Perhaps in tracking an assassin to the the ninja camps from American Ninja, they encounter Darna along the way. But there is a reason for my having been given the magic stone and that is to undertake a mission of great significance. Darna’s power set very closely resembles Captain Marvel (and Superman) from her creation. She also possesses psionic influence over others, which she calls “Parahypnosis.” She can remove memories (though doing so causes severe headaches) and can influence others. Darna is often called “The Filipina Wonder Woman,” and many might consider her a copy of Wonder Woman. Volume » Narda is not only a girl who shouts the name of her adult heroic counterpart to transform (Alter Ego is a common trait amongst Revelo’s characters), but in at least one version, her powers are said to be the “allure of Venus, the glory of Apollo and the strength of Sampson,” which is also very similar to the moniker of SHAZAM. While Wonder Woman was designed to be a ’strong female role-model,‘ Darna was inspired and based on a real-world ’strong female role-model‘ that had some of the same traits. Secondary sources: (defunct), (defunct), . Darna’s powers are said to be psionic in nature. She is likely broadcasting her hypnosis constantly to give her a shift on the interaction table and to suggest that any resemblance between Narda and Darna is coincidental. Not my scans. Narda usually has a love triangle going and usually at least one of her suitors is torn between his interest in Narda and Darna (of course not realizing they share a body).

I listed some of her powers to her tiara. According to the writers of the modern version, her strength and flight (and many of her other powers) are enhanced by or stem from her psionic  abilities, including telekinesis. With her beauty, powerful personality and mental capabilities, she almost always is. In the GMA TV series, she often uses Superspeed more blatantly and catches all the bullets from an automatic rifle being fired at her and/or others (roughly a 14 AP feat).

Stop this charade, Mr. One day she encountered terrorists who had taken hostages. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In older versions, these powers are internalized.

Cell phone Darna always seems to carry a cell phone where General Ramos can reach her (where she keeps it, I have no idea). You could easily use Darna as is.

Added Equpment — The Viva films of the 90s have Darna deflecting bullets with her bracelets (despite the fact she is bullet-proof) as well using her tiara as a thrown weapon.

The versions of Darna can be separated into 3 distinct periods.

The Viva films versions of Darna used her bracelets to reflect bullets (since bullets might not harm but would sting her). She is actually far more inspired by Superman and Captain Marvel. I am from the planet Marte. I’ve also heard it said that their costumes are somewhat similar. South East Asia is sparsely populated in the DCU and it would certainly be protected by Darna. Dharma is a fictional comic book character distributed by DC Comics and is the leader of the Shadow Cabinet.An original character from Milestone Comics, he first appeared in Hardware #11 (January 1993), and was created by Dwayne McDuffie, Robert L. Washington III, and Denys Cowan

She was found by her guardian, her grandmother [and her younger brother, Ding], who took her home and put her to bed. Powers: It is this version that first appears in the movies (carrying her sidekick/brother on her back). Attractive, Buddy (Ding), Insta-change, Language (Tagalog). She was their greatest hero and champion but fell in battle. The Stone !”), Skills: Media (High), General Ramos (High), Police (High), The Matriarchs of the Adarna (High). Rather than accept her loss, The Matriarchs used powerful magic to take her essence and distill it into a stone. Even as Narda left the “Village of M” and moved to Manila to attend medical school at Mabuhay University (a fictional University based on the University of the Philippines ). The bodies found were horribly disfigured and had a large amount of venom in their system. In the comic, it is said to give her the “protection of The Matriarchs.” However, she only removes the tiara for a brief time and it’s not entirely clear what, if any powers, it actually provides. “Do not be frightened. So using Captain Marvel as a benchmark, I went with a slightly lower Dex (more in line with WW) and a higher Superspeed and Martial Artist (to keep her substituted Dex in line with the Captain and Superman). They both wear revealing ‘swimsuit’ inspired outfits. Darna is known by some as “The Filipino Wonder Woman” and could easily replace Wonder Woman in the DCU as a strong, female big hitter. “Ding ! This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Valentina seems based on both the Greek gorgon, Medusa and the Asian myths of Naga. I am Darna.

You can search for Mind Blast is Touch and Bashing only, combined with using Hypnosis to remove immediate memories (and must be used when taking memories with Hypnosis) APs of time in the past equal to RAPs. I am Darna, foe of all that is evil and savior of humanity.”, Darna fits so well in the DCU, the possibilities are endless. Hence the well known quote: “Ding! “When young Narda witnessed a falling star late one night and went to investigate where it landed, she found a strange little stone (revealed to be from the planet Marte, and containing the mystical essence of the Andranika inhabitants of same) with the word ‘Darna’ written on it. Since the Philippines was invaded during WWII, she would probably be involved in some interesting guilt subplots about being with the JSA rather than defending her homeland (I shall return). Started in 1968. She also reportedly used her Tiara as a throwing weapon. However these elements are about as common amongst golden age heroes as capes. While she always has bracelets, a winged tiara (usually part of a red skullcap) sometimes with a ruby in the center, and a belt that seems to be covered with discs. Drawbacks: Advantages: She may or may not even have the Power Reserve boosting her abilities, but if not, she should likely have a higher Body, perhaps 16. She is very outspoken to help the people who can’t help themselves: the weak, poor and downtrodden masses. Darna is prone to making righteous speeches and expecting to be taken seriously. The stone!”. On Tiamat, Darna's race used artificial wings, reminiscent of the Hawkmen and Hawkwomen of Thanagar, while Valentina's race was reminiscent of Nagas as well as Gorgons. The Adarna Warriors then sought a new planet, Nibiru (also known as Marte possibly to consolidate earlier retcons ). Much like Superman, she is a true example of someone seeking to defend the weak and whose values can seem somewhat naïve at times; particularly in the face of the corruption the Philippines’ legal system. The snake queen Valentina appears this early and remains Darna’s nemesis in every incarnation. After communing with The Matriarchs; Narda and Darna unify more fully, becoming ‘one’. Use of Hypnosis other than removing memories relies on her voice. However, the details of Darna's origin was changed again - Her race of "Adarna Warriors" originally came from the planet Tiamat, as did Valentina's, the "Serpent Queens". The police negotiations had failed and the situation was starting to escalate. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. He is the classic kid brother sidekick who gets captured often but displays deadly accuracy with his slingshot.

Partially Incomplete English scanlation of the first volume of Mars Ravelo's Philippines superheroine comic character, Darna from 1951. They ask Darna to seek him out on the surface and request his help to bring peace to the underwater civilizations. Her origin and other aspects about her have been reinvented numerous times, but some aspects always remain the same. Bracelets [BODY 30] plus Schtick (Precise Blocker (Bracers)). Added equipment — According to the writers of the comic, her psionic abilities are boosted by her tiara and according to Valentina, seems to be the source of her indestructibility and her flight. Enlarged by Mr_Goldenage. The list of villains from these movies could just as easily appear in the Flash Gordon serials (including Hawk people) as a Darna comic. She often removes the immediate memories of those who witness her transform. This version showed Narda as a college student who first found the stone 10 years before.

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