This Light Novel/Web Novel spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. “Losers” because some fans are so petty they’ll attack you for disagreeing. How to Train Your Dragon Villains | Assef | The surname Kishitani means "shore" (岸. After Lio and Song had a baby named it Kipo, Emilia confronts the couple about infusing Kipo's DNA with mute jaguar DNA. She is also a bit of a workaholic, which keeps her away from home most of the day. Tzekel-Kan | Relations Talking Toilets | However, after her plan fails and most of her followers turn against her, She injects herself with a serum and transform into a Mega Mute and attacks everyone. Mod Frogs (Jamack, Mrs. Satori | However after losing a bet to him, she allowed him to be a team leader. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Odlulu | Guy Gagné | She seems to care about him greatly and to view his personality as fun, which baffles her other relatives, specifically Shinra and Celty. Professor Poopypants | Headless Horseman | She appears to share Shinra and Shingen's obsession with the supernatural and even pays Celty Sturluson for the privilege of performing an autopsy on her. Click here to show spoilers. ScientistLeader of the Human Resistance Tour Guide | She is a manipulative and remorseless scientist who wants to end the Mutes' existence. Emilia LUDOWELL is a character of anime »Maou Gakuin no Futekigou-sha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei Shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou« and of manga »Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei Shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou«. Emilia Kishitani (エミリア岸谷, Emilia Kishitani) is Shingen Kishitani's new wife and Shinra Kishitani’s step-mother. Jackson Rippner | Galactic Horde | Pied Piper | After Kipo and her friends find out Emilia's true nature, they blow up a nectar bomb to trap and Emilia's followers in a tunnel from reached to Scarlemagne's coronation. Hernán Cortés | Gender Francis E. Francis | Megatron | Fossas | Dr. Zara | She and her brother Liam were residents of the DNA Burrow. According to Emilia, she and Shingen met a few years ago while the former was researching about vampires. She is the unseen overarching antagonist of the first season, the secondary antagonist of the second season, and the main antagonist of the third and final season. Robert Turner | Rapunzel | Their joint work brought them closer together. Durarara!! Scooter Skunks | Attempted genocideAttempted world dominationUnethical experimentationFilicideFratricideUnlawful imprisonmentAnimal crueltyTortureEnslavementAttempted infanticideConspiracyKidnappingAttempted mass murder Blacksmith/Appraiser Shop "Wind of the Sun", Newton Wolves (Bad Billions and Good Billions) | Animated Features She manages to find Kipo and convince her to come back with her to her headquarters and plans to use her to defeat Hugo, now called Scarlemagne and kill her. Evil Queen | Emilia Ludowell (エミリア・ルードウェル, Emiria Rūdoweru) was a pure-blood royal and the homeroom teacher of Anos' class. Melvinborg | If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. Emilia Ludowell Rock Trolls | Bloodwolf | Emilia convinces the human group to follow her to archive her goal of revert all of the Mutes back to their original selves. Jonas Fogg | In the few times they have been seen together, Emilia seems unfazed by Shingen's strange interests and even appears to share them to a certain extent. Robot Probes | Turbo Toilet 2000 | After Kipo bands everyone together at a party, Emilia takes the opportunity to ruin the party by releasing the cure via fireworks. Smartsy Fartsy | Dr. Emilia is the main antagonist of the 2020 Netflix original series Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. She now serves as the school director of the. Pink Brown (After Reincarnation) Alias Tales of Arcadia Villains | The Fallen | Roy, Bill, Jake, Pete and Joe | Fifi | Dr. Emilia Emilia is of European decent and has blonde hair and green eyes. D-Structs | Octopi | Fearless Leader | General Mandible | She wasalso the daughter of Elio Ludowell, one of the Demon Emperors, prior to her death.After attempting to hurt Anos' mother, she is turned into the very mixed-blood demons she had loathed. Genocidal Mad Scientist, CharismaManipulationLeadershipCombat prowessMarksmanshipMega Mute Form:Superhuman strength. Hotep and Huy | Wu Sisters | Emilia bursts into Shinra and Celty's apartment without introduction, excitedly hugging them both as though they are old friends. Lord Farquaad | Emilia is not able to wield a Demon Sword, as her magic power was drained by one during Anos's torture of her. Chapter 3 Layton T. Montgomery | Emilia does her best to get along with both of them and tries to stay at least somewhat involved with their lives (unlike Shingen) as shown when she helped Celty treat Shinra's wounds after he was attacked. Chantel DuBois | Shingen had tried to interfere because she lacked professionals to work with the specimen she had captured. Blue Latimore | Colonel Cutter | Skrap-It | Class 1-2 (Former Class)Ledriano (Student)Heine (Student)Laos (Student) Burnish | That is all. Light Novel Rasputia Latimore | The Boov (Officer Kyle) | Snidely Whiplash | Pharaoh Seti I | Human Physical description For months, Kipo and her friends search for Emilia and eventually realize that she and her followers had been hiding on a cruise ship. Not many Re Zero fans will admit that to avoid being attacked by losers in the anime community. Natasha Fatale | Nana | Bank Robbers | Trees | Dino Brewster, Shorts, Television and Video Games Horde Prime | Emilia Crimes Elio Ludowell (Father)Krut Ludowell (Brother) Big Black Jack Latimore | Gladys Sharp | Emilia finishes up an autopsy on Celty and thanks her profusely for letting her experiment. Lamar Burgess | Rumpelstiltskin | Thelonious | Biographical information Cetus | The name Emilia means "rival," "excel," or "emulate" in Latin. English Genus | The Splotch | Galra Empire (Prince Lotor, Haggar, Sendak & Lotor's Generals) | Commando Elite (Butch Meathook, Nick Nitro, Brick Bazooka, Vasquez & Gwendy Dolls) | Episode 2 However, Emilia found out and later discovered that Hugo possessed mind-controlling pheromones when he splashed some on a another scientist in self-defense. Affiliation Despite acknowledging his skill, she still felt like Anos, as a mixed blooded demon had no business questioning or surpassing pure-blooded demons, and was willing to sabotage him to satisfy her standards, as shown when she attempted to sabotage Anos's dungeon exam and when she tried to steal his sword. Emilia is cheerful and energetic. Full Name Constructicons/Devastator (Demolishor, Rampage, Long Haul, Mixmaster, Scrapper & Scavenger) | Sta'abi | Decepticons (Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy, Blackout, Scorponok, Bonecrusher, Brawl & Dispensor) | Prince Charming | George Armstrong Custer | She is a manipulative and remorseless scientist who wants to end the Mutes' existence. She and Shingen apparently met while researching at Nebula. Creek | Teetsi | After her reincarnation, Emilia appears slightly younger, possessing long brown hair and matching eyes. Boneknapper | Tighten | Dr. Blowhole | Willard Tweedy | Philip | Tour Guide | Vincent | Powers/Skills Deathgrippers | Minion |

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