-18 com.apple.print.ticket.creator Costa offers him decent pay if he promises to stay out of the protests and finish filming. /Subtype /Link com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMAdjustedPaperRect << PMTiogaPaperName com.apple.print.PaperInfo.PMPaperName com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray Sebastián and Costa unexpectedly land themselves in a moral crisis when they and their crew arrive at Cochabamba, Bolivia, during the intensifying Cochabamba Water … We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. com.apple.print.ticket.creator com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMScaling 5 0 obj US Letter 1 774 com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray com.apple.jobticket One of the fascinating aspects of the movie is the way it meshes together two historical episodes of colonialism, one with the 15th century colonization of the New World and the other water wars of 1999-2000 Cochabamba. They refuse because it is too painful for them, and paraphrasing for them Daniel says, “some things are more important than your film”, their art is secondary to the native pain that is still felt. 0 /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMAdjustedPageRect They hire Daniel (Juan Carlos Aduviri) a native who later leads protests against local water privatization and is injured. com.apple.print.ticket.stateFlag /Type /Annot Finnegan, William. Many times Costa mentions how much money they’re saving. I've just seen Spanish director Iciar Bollain's remarkable También la Lluvia (Even the Rain). /Name /JxCBK 594 0 com.apple.print.PaperInfo.PMUnadjustedPaperRect com.apple.jobticket The exploitation by the film crew that is tied to water is near the end of the movie when they ask the women to drown baby dolls as the natives did when they were escaping from the dogs. This comes to a head when Daniel overhears his conversation on the phone in English with their backers, laughing about how the natives will happily work for two dollars a day. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. com.apple.print.PageFormatTicket com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray com.apple.print.ticket.stateFlag The personal dynamics of a movie location can be tricky. They are benefiting off of their poverty, by only paying their extras two dollars a day. Daniel’s leadership of the protests was dramatized, there was a coalition called Coordinadora in Defense of Water and Life that organized the protests, which his character could have been a part of. 8BIM� , , 8BIM&. Sebastian: “I don’t want to be rude, but if someone earns two dollars a day, he can’t pay a 300% increase in the price of water. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. -18 com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray 0

0 The scene where Daniel is being burned on the cross in the film, the Bolivian police rush in, and his fellows rescue him is one of the more powerful of these juxtapositions. The directors, producers, and actors of the com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMOrientation Sebastian (Gael García Bernal) is a screenwriter and director for the film he envisions to highlight the native resistance and defiance of two priests against the church. PMPPDPaperCodeName These scenes show how even today natives are exploited when they have less. stream %���� com.apple.print.subTicket.paper_info_ticket com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMAdjustedPageRect

com.apple.print.ticket.type Even the Rain (also known as También la lluvia) is a 2010 Spanish film about a director Sebastian and executive producer Costa who travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia to shoot a movie about the exploration and exploitation of Christopher Columbus in the New World. /Subtype /Image com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMScaling << com.apple.jobticket >> 4 0 obj /S /URI com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray The privatization that is the central conflict of the film ties into the colonialism through the theme of exploitation. com.apple.print.ticket.creator com.apple.jobticket com.apple.print.ticket.creator They made a point in the movie that they didn’t stick to in their own characterization.My main takeaway from the film is to not think about these things in black and white, the film offers up a specific argument that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story, while it still may be morally right. It dramatizes a group of filmmakers caught up in a Bolivian protest over water privatization in 2000, while trying to film a movie about Christopher Columbus and Spain’s subjugation of the native people. com.apple.jobticket com.apple.jobticket Sebastian complains early in the movie that the natives aren’t the right kind of native, they are Quechua; Costa reassures him that “they’re all the same”. com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMHorizontalRes com.apple.print.ticket.creator Official: “Don’t we all?”. /URI (http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/hcs/summary/v016/16.cilento.html) narrative time of Even the Rain is circular— the story of colonialism loops like a snake devouring its own tail/tale. 1

com.apple.jobticket PMPPDTranslationStringPaperName com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray com.apple.print.ticket.creator com.apple.print.ticket.creator

Sebastian: “Yes, but we have a very tight budget.” With the recent overthrow of the Egyptian government through peaceful protests, the themes of real life social change that permeate the film seem even more timely. Official: “How curious. com.apple.print.PageFormat.PMVerticalRes 00.20 Even the Rain (También la Iluvia) was a movie directed by Icíar Bollaín. com.apple.print.ticket.stateFlag com.apple.print.ticket.itemArray April 8th, 2002. https://web.archive.org/web/20070929151555/http://www.waterobservatory.org/library.cfm?refID=33711. na-letter com.apple.print.ticket.stateFlag 774 The villain of the movie, the government official that allowed the water privatization was very flat, and yet the actor who played Columbus was complaining that he wasn’t allowed to show the man’s doubts and anxieties, that he was just a villain, while the priest characters were spun as revolutionaries while they may be somewhere in the middle.

com.apple.print.ticket.stateFlag This event actually took place over 5 months rather than the few weeks that the movie made it seem.

Even the Rain is set in the midst of this remarkable episode in the history of political conflicts over water.

The scene that is very important to this theme is when they meet with a government official complicit in the privatization deal. 0 (New Yorker, 2002). You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. 72 The clash between the militarized police and protestors intensifies and jeopardizes the filming. 0

com.apple.print.ticket.creator This scene shows how they are all exploiting the natives but they have flimsy ‘reasons’ that they can use to ease their conscience. Another is the table read scene, when the actor portraying Columbus yells his lines at the native server, using her as a prop. “Even the Rain” has been filmed in Cochabamba, is based on that real event and instead of James Bond has Daniel as a Christ figure.

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