Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan meet Spike in the garden. At the Justice of the Peace's office, Whitney arrives in time to find out what Gwen and Rebecca plan to do to Theresa.

At Tabitha's, Kay is missing Endora and Miguel when Endora zaps in some presents for her mother.

At the mansion, Kay arrives to say goodbye to Fox when Esme, Viki, Ivy and Sam arrive with new evidence that links Kay to Fox's murder.

When Sam tells her that she has to start facing reality, Spike shows up, trying to ask Kay on a date, only to have Kay slam the door in his face. Fancy then starts having some dreams about Pretty crashing her reunion with Luis to let him know what happened. When Esme says she and Viki have no place t go, Fox offers to let them stay at the mansion as long as they want.

Discover TV's #1 new show from the beginning. When Fancy swears Esme couldn't kill anyone, Julian chimes in with who he suspects killed his son: Miguel and Kay and orders Sam to investigate his daughter. At the mansion, Fancy tells Esme that she's concerned about Luis since nobody has seen him for a while. Gwen's marriage to Ethan is exposed as being invalid. He then disappears when Julian returns, and Eve tries to convince him that Vincent was there.

At Tabitha's, she finds out that Fox intends to have Spike kill Miguel while he is working on his car. Gwen is promised by her mother that nobody will ever find out what they have been up to. They then make their way to the Book Café and talk about Luis' case. At hearing this, Julian and Valerie try to convince Eve that Vincent is really dead. As Noah and Paloma are announced husband and wife an earthquake hits the town. At the police station, Ethan arrives to see Theresa, hoping she will be able to help Jonathan.

In the ER, Theresa snaps at Rebecca for suggesting she listen to Pilar and stay away from Ethan. Theresa lies to Ethan once again. On the pier, Vincent and Spike meet to discuss the latest list Alistair made. 's memory stick, panicked that she almost erased all the information on it. Back at the mansion, Gwen almost lets the truth slip about Little Ethan's paternity to Ethan and gets a surprise at hearing Ethan and Theresa's happy news. Kay is shocked after finding out what happened at the church and that Tabitha has lost all her powers. After he leaves, Vincent shows up, dressed as an orderly and spikes her food with drugs, vowing to make sure Eve never gets better. After Luis leaves, Fancy wonders what's going on with her and Luis eventually returns to check on her, and suggests taking her to the hospital. She then wakes up and goes to find out what's going on with Jonathan. At Tabitha's, Endora uses her magic to save Miguel from Spike, ultimately making the boys in the basement mad. Tabitha and Endora work out that the earthquake is just the beginning of the bad things about to happen in Harmony. Sam is shocked when he finds out that all the women in the Standish family are witches. Tabitha agrees to give away all her powers to help those who have died and after she has they start to recover. Sheridan has a change of heart but before she can reveal what is going on Vincent locks her up.

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