You haven’t only released piano recordings. 318 Productions has filmed over 75 participants, focusing on different aspects of Gould. He made a profound impact on many people around the globe.

I surmised she would open it, and she started [singing florid coloratura passage] or something like that. The following interview was edited down from a two-part, six-hour telephone conversation, Toronto to New York, that took place in late June 1973. But just in terms of observing them as structures, the things that I’ve mentioned were certainly getting into the music, of that there’s no question. But Handel, at least to me, is a very regal figure and needs a certain kind of straightforwardness and uncomplicatedness, essentially, and an almost deliberate lack of sophistication that would not be true of Couperin. For instance, there’s a moment quite near the beginning of the Siegfried Idyll where an F sharp major chord is held for four bars, and over it the violin has the figure [sings]. In fact, their whole approach is based on the way in which the romantic sensibility could be welded onto the baroque, and I think that’s really what made their playing very attractive to that generation.

Not only that, he took it for granted that everybody else would, because you’ve got to remember that he was just out of, and not entirely out of, the period of figured bass. Glenn Gould interview on the Goldberg Variations 1981 part 2 - Duration: 7:59. clubsandwedge 9,664 views. 30, opus 109 — I think I was about 19 — and I used to try out pieces that I hadn’t played before in relatively small Canadian towns, and this one fell into a program that I was giving about 120 miles from Toronto — a university town called Kingston. This will be a valuable contribution to perpetuating the memory of Glenn Gould to his many admirers around the world.”. I had always heard this piece played by people who, when they came to that, looked like horses being led from a burning barn, a kind of look of horror came upon them, and I always wondered whether it was really that bad. Oh yes, and if I could find an equalization system that would get rid of it, which it obviously does not — if it occurred at only one frequency, a frequency that would be dispensable in terms of the piano — I would cue it out in a second; to me it’s not a valuable asset, it’s just an inevitable thing that has always been with me.

This first of its kind website presents new and unseen interview footage on Glenn Gould, the legendary classical pianist. Here is the multi-faceted Gould as German musicologist and avant-garde composer, Dr. Karlheinz Klopweiser, Brando-esque New York pianist and critic Theodore Slutz, and Sir Nigel Twitt-Thornwaite, the “dean of British conductors.”, 1401 – 69 Yonge Street And the other factor involved is the nature of the piano that you use.

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And in my own case my means toward this is to spend most of the time away from the piano, which is very difficult because you really want to hear what it sounds like. The four more or less standard records coming out soon are Hindemith’s Three Sonatas, the fourth Mozart, the Bach French Suites, and — what am I leaving out — Beethoven’s opus 31. And I’m not being flip about that.

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