Then I crept across the hall to my bedroom. A sharp pain in my side forced me to slow down. “I… was just cold,” I told him. Those lotions work on the pigments of the skin. [Larry and his buds are actually dogs that Dr. Murkin (DO YOUR RESEARCH, STINE) turned into children and gave to people in the town, and after so many years the formula has stopped working so well. I… uh… was a little cold,” I told him, starting to feel a little better. “Howie brags so much, you can’t really believe him. I wanted to start again. “The bottle was really old, Dad. “What’s wrong, Larry?”, “The l-label,” I stammered. I raised my eyes to the street.

So did Marissa and the rest of the Shouters. “I guess,” Jared repeated, shaking his head. He’ll blast us out of the auditorium.”, “Not if we play our hearts out!” Kristina exclaimed with emotion. “How come you kept your jeans on in gym?” Jared asked. My chest heaved up and down. The bottle is full,” I announced. “No way!” she repeated. What if it turns us bright yellow or green instead of tan?

“Good dog,” I told him, keeping my voice low and calm. Refresh and try again. So I happily ate my Frosted Flakes and drank my orange juice. “It wasn’t the tanning lotion. Both palms were covered, too. “But since you were here, I thought I’d give you your shot.”. Then go into the Rolling Stones song.”. Do I have to wear a glove for the rest of my life? I stopped at the door and turned to face her. Then I finally figured out that she was joking, that she was teasing me. “Did the INSTA-TAN—”, The doctor shook his head. I didn’t want to tell her that I had rubbed INSTA-TAN all over myself and now I was sprouting disgusting black hair. Turning to leave, a memory flashed through my mind. The remodeling work not finished. Hairy Larry! “I guess it didn’t work,” he said, sounding a little breathless from running. All four of us started for the front entryway to get our coats. Then I turned and saw that pack of dogs. He is a dog. Why were there so many stray dogs in my town? I heard the two of them laughing as I stepped into the classroom. The dead leaves wet and slippery under my shoes. Why did he have to grin like that when he talked? I knew she would spread the story over the whole school. But I couldn’t. Larry rushes to show his friends. For gloves.”. I zipped up my parka and pulled the hood over my head. The snowball fight quickly became a war. “You’re not going to give me any medicine or anything to stop it?”. But it was polite applause. Manny and Jared were struggling to lift one big snowball and set it on the other one to form the snowman’s body. “If we get on that show, we’ll probably win,” Marissa added, still fiddling with her long braid. What a great time! The classroom erupted with sounds—chairs scraping, Trapper-Keepers being opened, papers being rustled, throats being cleared. Then my legs. She balled both hands into fists. “You could have hurt Larry. “Don’t worry, guys. The water felt warm and soothing. As I talked, I kept my eyes straight ahead. We change the name a lot. Why should we all go?”, “Okay,” Jared agreed quickly. The dogs weren’t going to attack, I could see. Okay?”. “Too bad,” he said. I felt glad that it had become so dark out. I kept silently going over and over my own book report. But the two of us can figure out what to do, I decided. “Nooooooo. The questions still troubled me as I crossed the street with Jared, and Lily’s white-frame house came into view on the corner. Closer.

It made a loud squeal, and everybody jumped. I realized. The Geeks would go onstage tomorrow afternoon. The air had become a lot colder.

My mouth dropped open. In the yard across the street from Lily’s house, a half-melted snowman looked sad and droopy.

But I had to ask again. I struggled to my knees, frantically brushing snow off my face with both hands.

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