As she cleared the smoke a formation of three enemy destroyers from the 4th Destroyer Flotilla was sighted on an opposite course entering the smoke at a range of 6000 yards. After a few minutes the mistake was noticed and both Japanese destroyer retired up the Strait to the north. There was nothing that could be done do except sink her. HMAS Perth just managed to avoid the heavily damaged De Ruyter. The Asashio turned a searchlight on which was quickly taken out by a salvo from the Java. At 0700 hours, HMS Exeter, reported RDF contact on a group of aircraft in a south-westerly direction. The only ships that had participated in the Battle of the Java Sea that managed to escape were the four US destroyer.

At this time the Haguro was seen to be on fire. The light cruiser Jintsu (Flotilla leader), destroyers Yukikaze, Tokitsukaze, Amatsukaze and Hatsukaze (16th Destroyer Division). As the attack was developing, the Allied fleet, at 1629 hours, altered course from 295° to 248°, speed 25 knots and at 1631 hours, HrMs De Ruyter was hit in the auxiliary motor room on the starboard side by an 8” shell.

This information was signaled to Vice-Admiral Helfrich. Around 1815 hours gunfire between the Allied cruisers and the Japanese heavy cruisers was again exchanged. H.E. H.L. The new mean course of the fleet then was about 180°. H.P. The enemy hit the Electra with it’s second salvo silencing the Electra’s guns one by one and causing a fire forward and a list to port. The cruisers were to remain out of the convoy and were to fire on it. The Americans opened fire as the range decreased, but the gun crews had difficulty hitting their target. Rear-Admiral Doorman hoped they were Allied aircraft but around 0800 hours he had to report to the ships in his force that the promised fighter cover would not be forthcoming. M. Kuroki). P.B.M van Straelen, RNN), who is also in the area is also ordered to proceed to that position. P. Schotel, RNN) had hit a reef resulting in the loss of this vessel. A little later a large enemy destroyer appeared ahead and almost immediately afterwards two other cruisers and more destroyers came into view.
The USS John D. Edwards, USS John D. Ford, USS Alden and USS Paul Jones left Surabaya in the late afternoon of the 28th. Eccles, USN), USS Parrott (Lt.Cdr. The only ships that had participated in the Battle of the Java Sea that managed to escape were the four US destroyer. Hughes, USN), USS Pillsbury (Lt.Cdr. J.B. de Meester, RNN) and the destroyers HrMs Piet Hein (Lt.Cdr. She was hit by the second salvo just before she launched torpedoes. Goslings, RNN) remained behind to render assistance to her stranded sister but it was soon apparent that the ship was beyond salvage. The second wave was made up of the Dutch light cruiser HrMs Tromp (Cdr. These ships were escorted by the 4th Japanese Desroyer Flotilla.

J.E. The Empress of Asia was set on fire, the Felix Roussel was also hit and the City of Canterbury had her steering gear damaged. W.T.A. J.N. She was then finished off by a torpedo from the Japanese destroyer Inazuma. She finally sank completely around 1800 hours. E.V.St J. Morgan, RN) joined. At 2125 hours HMS Jupiter is reported to have been torpedoed in position 06°45.2’S, 112°05.5’E. J.M.L.I. They were then to steer north-east before making a run for the Sunda Strait. The force passed through the swept channel in the minefields in the following order; the Dutch destroyers, the British destroyers, the US destroyers and then the cruisers. At 1936 hours a row of explosions was seen on one of the enemy’s ships which were thought to be torpedoes being launched and HMAS Perth turned away to evade and the other ships followed.

The Nachi also intended to fire torpedoes but due to a failure in drill did not do so. Shortly after their sailing from Surabaya in the evening of the 18th HrMs TM-6 was forced to return due to engine trouble. Altering almost immediately to north-east, at 1725 hours, the De Ruyter led the Allied cruisers between the enemy and the Exeter presumably to cover the latter and draw the enemy’s fire, for that in effect was the result of the manoeuvre. Allied air attack The Encounter attacked through a clearing in the smoke. The US destroyers then set course to the east to leave Badoeng Strait. L.J. Soon after, Lambert received a mortal wound in the chest. Cover for the eastern invasion force was provided by the 5th Cruiser Squadron (Rear Admiral Takagi) with the heavy cruisers Nachi and Haguro and the destroyers Sazanami, Ushio, Kawakaze and Yamakaze. Arrival date: 4 February 1942. It was made by the two heavy cruisers, the flotilla leader (light cruiser) Jintsu and six of the eight destroyers from the 2nd destroyer flotilla. Doorman, RNN) and HrMs Java (Capt. At about 1625 hours, the rear enemy destroyer flotilla appeared from the Allied line to prepare to attack. They had fired 24 torpedoes but all missed the Allied ships. She was able to drive off two enemy destroyers with gunfire near her which had come out of the smoke screen with the intention of making a torpedo attack on the Exeter. The third wave then entered the Strait.

The two Dutch light cruisers had been torpedoed by the Japanese 5th Cruiser Division. Shortly after having come to a halt, HMS Exeter was underway again but her speed was limited to 15 knots. The enemy continued to fire and closed so that he could use his machine guns. The inside became full of smoke as escaping oil fuel in the forward boiler room burst into flames. Shortly after 1700 hours, the Japanese delivered a second torpedo attack. From this time on, enemy aircraft continued to shadow the Allied force but they remained out of range. An enemy cruiser was sunk, one probably sunk and one damaged and three enemy destroyers were seriously damaged. All these bombs were tumbling and at least three failed to explode. Commander Binford, the commander of the 58th Destroyer Division decided that the most effective way to do so was a torpedo attack. H. Kuboki) and Michishio (Lt.Cdr. At 1933 hours, HMAS Perth opened fire on them with her main armament. The enemy was thought to have been hit twice.

As they went they drifted away astern. It is also possible that it were the Japanese that engaged Piet Hein. 2) Three British destroyers HMS Electra, HMS Encounter and HMS Jupiter. It is not known if she fired torpedoes or not. At 1000 hours, Vice-Admiral Helfrich signaled that Rear-Admiral Doorman had to proceed eastwards to search for and attack the enemy to which Rear-Admiral Doorman replied at 1200 hours with ‘proceeding eastwards after search from Sapoedi to Rembang. One enemy cruiser was hit by torpedoes from the U.S.S. This convoy was made up of the following ships;

The enemy heavy cruisers were about 20000 yards away to the north-west on a westerly course. Air cover was provided by land based aircraft and the seaplane tender Mizuho and the auxiliary seaplane tender Sanyo Maru. It was expected that the Japanese would soon land (night of 19/20 February 1942) on the south-east coast of Bali (Badoeng Strait). A.H. Rooks, USN) and the US destroyers USS Paul Jones (Lt.Cdr. These ships were escorted by the 5th Japanese Destroyer Flotilla. As Captain Gordon reported, “A review of the situation at about 11.00 was not encouraging.”. She was getting lower in the water and heeling more. At 1529 hours enemy aircraft appeared, they dropped a few bombs at random. The Dutch destroyer HrMs Banckert (Lt.Cdr. By this time the torpedoes that had been fired during the second Japanese torpedo attack reached the area the Allied ships were in and at 1715 hours, the Dutch destroyer HrMs Kortenaer was hit and blew up in approximate position 06°25’S, 112°08’E. First Japanese torpedo attack, 1633 to 1652 hours. Howden, CBE, RAN). It was a bright moonlight night. The heavy American shot, coupled with the defensive properties of Constitution’s thick hull, began to turn the tide of battle.
The Allied destroyers were further behind the cruisers then intended and now arrived on the scene. Around this time the sole remaining destroyer, HMS Encounter lost contact with the Allied cruisers. During the night the Exeter and her little company met an enemy force but managed to elude it.

South of Java operated the Japanese 1st Carrier fleet that had left Kendari (Celebes) and proceeded south through Stait Sape.

As a result of this manoeuvre the Allied fleet was in disorder. Allied fleet reformed and a third Japanese torpedo attack. Shortly afterwards HrMs De Ruyter also blew up with an appalling explosion and settled aft, also heavily on fire. With only ‘Y’ gun still firing the order was given to abandon ship. The Oshio on her turn was seriously damaged by the Tromp. H.P. The attacks, which came in five waves, lasted until about 1745 hours. As the enemy smoke screen cleared, a Japanese destroyer was seen to be on fire.

At 1707 hours, the foremost enemy destroyer flotilla, the 2nd, led by the Jintsu was seen to launch a long range torpedo attack and the Allied cruisers turned away to avoid the torpedoes and no torpedoes hit.

Moreover, as the British destroyers were too far apart to make a divisional attack they attacked independently.

About 40 minutes after the start of the engagement the Haguro fired torpedoes. The ship just came to a stop in all departments. The 16th Cruiser Squadron with the heavy cruisers Ashigara and Myoko and the destroyers Akebono and Inazuma.

Exeter's gallant end, fighting against impossible odds off the coast of Java, reached the Admiralty in December 1945. One of these survivors subsequently died aboard the submarine. The destroyers Asashio and Oshio remained with her.

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