Cob is made from subsoil, water and straw, and it’s a cheap, natural and energy efficient building material. A mud house is a building construction that makes use of soil excavated from the land where the house is built. We wanted to minimize the time being in a house and living closer and embedded in the surrounding nature. I remember making clay plaster in the dark in a snow blizzard whilst Kate clay-plastered inside, trying to get the house finished in time for family visiting for Christmas.
Start today, no registration needed. It will start on March 23 and continues till April 10. The one we learned most about because we kind of forgot to embrace it is to “Obtain a yield”. How to Build a Mud Hut Step 1. The entire house has three different parts. The tiny house was built within 11 months from March 2018 to January 2019 and comes with around 40sqm plus an outdoor kitchen and living area. How to build your house with mud? While designing the openings regarding to the prevailing wind direction we also have a lot of air circulation happening. The rainy season slowed us down a lot as you cannot do any plastering during the rainy season, as it just takes too long to dry and the plaster would start molding.

This helps to control moisture and temperature. And of course we respect your privacy and will never share your email address. You will receive our latest articles, podcast episodes, and flowful thoughts. Kate had trained as a sculptor and the idea of sculpting our own house from mud seemed totally incredible. The build itself was stressful. The second layer is not a full circle but has another 16 square meters. We started in March 2018 and we were able to move into the first room in November. We had to postpone our PDC because of COVID-19.

A sitting wall indicates the end of the living space and the start of the sourounding nature. Would they find happiness messing about in mud?

After that, we started to lay the bricks which actually was quite fast. It gives a great feeling to know how many hands, how many people put their energy and love into our house.

Earthbags are a natural building technique that we used at Gaia Ashram to build the flushing toilet. We spend the last 12 month to create our first natural building using mud bricks and following the tiny house principles. I gave up my day job too. Our old jobs are a distant memory now. Step 3. The place is already partly protected by the trees and that helped a lot throughout the dry season. Our courses have become more and more popular as people look for alternative ways of owning their own affordable home, escaping the rat race and becoming ‘greener’.
Final plaster in the bedroom of our tiny house. This really makes it a special place of connection an one can feel all the energy that is inside the walls.

It was the smallest house I’d ever seen, and no one had lived in it permanently for decades. We were actually thinking that we could use old rice bags, that are easily available in Thailand and are mainly considered as waste. On top of the bricks is a base coat or scratch coat, which is out of the same material. Reconnect with nature. Eight years ago, I was working in advertising, spending too much time and money in the pub. We wanted to prove to ourselves that building a house can be environmental friendly embedding our low-impact lifestyle and does not need to cost a fortune.

was also fun but slowed us down a little. As we had a little motivation dip in between, we have been slower and spend most of the time in the garden which, of course.

Back in 2011, I bankrupted myself and ended up camping in a Turkish field. In between we stopped for several months. The first night in the cottage was freezing – it snowed, and the ancient windows let the gale blow straight into the house, with the mice following behind.

An introduction to holistic system design, Introduction Community resilience & permaculture design course. We actually put a lot of attention towards this outside area. We had to work for almost ten month before we have been able to obtain our first yield of having shelter and actually living in the structure. Christmas Eve we were frantically laying the oak floor and painting walls – and we did it just in time for the arrival of our extended family. This article and the video shows all the stages we went through to build our first mud brick house, following the tiny house principles. Decide what type of base you will use to support the floor of the first story. Our gamble paid off. Building a shelter for us without destroying habitat and moving trees was very important for us. We hosted a famous author from New York, a cage dancer from London, an architect from Japan, and an investment banker who’d seen the light and wanted a change in direction. Our credit cards got us through the winter. Tom and Om sent us a potential place and we started to design based on our intuition and needs we wanted to have accomplished with our first house.

The icing on the cake was Kate thatching the house herself using reeds from the marshes around the house. Sign up for our newsletter full of inspiration.

Linking nature with the kitchen and the living area. And that is also the reason why now after a year we have a pretty well-established garden around the house already. We had to draw our water from the old well.

Thus, we thought about a way to reuse waste and turn it into building material. You can basically look underneath the base coat and also see how the bricks are overlaying to create a strong and stable wall.

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