Like most people, I have become used to getting loads of 419 solicitations through my email. “We are endorsing him because this is the man that will give us what we have been craving for in Lagos. Change ). “The anti-Igbo protests that we have seen in the last few days in Lagos are barbaric and alien to Yoruba culture. On his own part, Ex-Niger-Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, called on Igbos in the state to relocate their business back to the eastern part of Nigeria. I know those of my colleagues that settled there. I often get the impression that the feeling of dislike between the two groups is fairly deep and I'm not even certain of the genesis of such hatred, such bile. A post on his Facebook page read, “Whoever started this strange and senseless cry that Ibos must leave Lagos because they voted for political party of their choices are not true Yorubas. So, they will try to stay youthful for a long time. Not a man. Nothing. Continue reading to find out! It will keep her close to you. By Michael Egbejumi-David. Kwesi Pratt Has No Credibility on DK Poison Loan to Ghana Debate, Retire For Youths: Start Local Businesses Or Work Part-Time.

But like my mum said “Take away the Igbos and see your community become empty”. And what are we busy doing? ( Log Out /  Let’s grow some balls. Paradoxically, most of them fail to see - or are too thick to realise that their very action, their utterances are actually injurious to whatever tribal cause or honour they assume they are championing or defending. The Final Come Down Came: The Book, Ibori Associates’ Trial In Southwark Crown Court, London: Da, Jonathan, Oduah, Et Al., And The Venezuelan Paralell. So if you start caring about his family, then he will understand that you are very serious about the relationship. Igbo families are less active in this respect and feel their children with 'naturally' pick up on cultural norms. They gave me foods, they offered their daughters to me in marriage. The outcome of the February 23 presidential election has sparked tension between Igbos and their Yoruba hosts in Lagos. There's hardly any country on the planet where you can`t find representatives of the Igbo tribe. 4 hours ago, Ghanaian Pastors Are Proving Worse Than Nigeria's, For Men Only. Why not leave your comfort zone that you are not developing and not progressing in and settle down somewhere and grow? Igbo Christians must read this so that they will be free in spirits. An Igbo man is family orientated. I informed him that he and other 419 email peddlers' contribution to modern technology is in its ruination. An Igbo boy. 4 Differences between Yoruba and Igbo Weddings. The ones you sold them at inflated rate or which one? . Here is an example: I have a friend who is selling all these phone parts. IGBO VS YORUBA. It does not matter if you have better education, car or something else. And I don't quite know what effect that very fact has on their psyche. “We are naturally tolerant and we have always welcome strangers with open arms. Igbo men understand that if you want to live well in society – you have to work hard! Like most people, I have become used to getting loads of …

They move out and own shit! He was barely 20years old.

However, despite the call by the ex-militant leader, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo endorsed Sanwo Olu for Lagos governor, seeking six slots in his government after his victory. © 2020 The Whistler Nigeria - All Rights Reserved. That`s the main reason why Igbo men love them! Hehehehehehehehe!!! Fada Lawd! Love can be a completely unpredictable experience for people. A hardworking man can surely support any family, and Yoruba girls know that! Show your interest in his family. And if we feel all these aren’t possible, then let’s fucking part ways and establish our own separate kingdoms. Yes, I was scared for him. IGBO vs. YORUBA.

Atiku, PDP File Motion, Wants INEC To Surrender Election Materials For Inspection, Rivers Governorship: We’ll Defeat You And Your Thugs, Wike Tells Amaechi, #EndSARS: UK Deeply Concerned Over ‘Widespread Reports Of Civilian Deaths’ – Foreign Secretary, Lekki Shooting: Senate Spokesman Slams Buhari Govt’s ‘Lackadaisical Attitude’ To #EndSARS Protests, #EndSARS: Enugu Gov Ugwuanyi Declares Curfew To Prevent ‘Mayhem’, #EndSARS: Youth Killed 3hrs After Tweeting ‘Nigeria Will Not End Me’, #EndSARS: Violence By Police, Protesters Not Solution -Ghanaian President, ‘Aboki Boys’ Burnt Our Vehicles While Police…, Hoodlum Hired To Attack #EndSARS Protesters Reveals Sponsors, #EndSARS: UK Replies Kanu, Denies Funding Disbanded Squad. Is it possible to find some kind of chemistry between the two? Igbo: Family life is also the foundation of Igbo culture.

You shouldn't show superiority over the man. A boy. We are just scared. She will not be able to leave her family under any circumstances. And so, just as I have learnt to skip most unknown emails and those unsolicited 'kind greetings' messages I often get on my social media pages, I am beginning to learn to give some Nigerian discussion forums a wide berth because of Igbo/Yoruba incessant and obnoxious display of tribal pettiness. We have no mind and balls to settle anywhere else because obviously, everyone is dangerous. I say Igbo are richest because 99% of Igbo are in business. And this is where I lost it. They are family orientated. Shitting in our pants shouting “They are taking over our lands”. Fada Lawd! It was similar to what happened in the run up to the 2015 elections when the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu reportedly threatened that non-indigenes who did not vote APC would be thrown into the lagoon. And that’s how it is in the whole country. Igbo fathers emphasis respect more than love though I wouldn’t say the love is more or less in the cultures. But the monarch denied making such a statement, and said he was misquoted.

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