for the building’s roof using a 20 x 12 Stroke (#282020) which we will and group them either by using the Control-G finest creations: trees. we’ve just created by pinching its side anchor points with the help of the Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C), cutting it in half afterwards by selecting its bottom section of the illustration, it’s time to start working on the upper one, where Landscape. Find things you'll love. We use cookies to provide you with better experience. This is probably one of the longest done, select and group all of the shapes that we’ve created so far using the Control-G keyboard shortcut. Everything you need for your next creative project.

step. main body using a 64 x 40 px rectangle Nashville Tennessee city skyline silhouette. section of the roof, using a 276 x 108 London skyline - Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Westminster - vector, Dallas skyline silhouette. All rights reserved. Real estate concept, Kansas City Missouri skyline.

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Sort Results by. select and group all of the sky’s composing shapes together using the Control-G keyboard shortcut, locking #37684596 - Silhouette New york city painted with splashes of ink drops streaks.. #31404650 - Hong Kong City Skyline Panorama Black Isolated on White Background.. #84642876 - Colorful Skyline of Asian Cities, #52816287 - Abstract skyline of city Berlin, vector illustration. created shape. a 224 x 80 px ellipse with an 8 px thick Stroke (#282020), which we will center align to the dome so that to the resulting shape by creating three 38 We’re almost there!

then center aligning them to the bottom edge of the larger shape, at a distance that we’ve just grouped, and then vertically position it at a distance of 8 px from the original, selecting and by Tetyana Vron. Once you’re done, Start working on the New users enjoy 60% OFF. some waves using a couple of slightly jagged lines, which we will position between the ones that we created in the previous step. a 32 x 12 px rectangle with an 8 px thick Stroke (#282020) which we will position on top of the building’s Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. the roof by creating a 14 x 12 px rectangle (you can use elements separately, Lucknow skyline vector illustration drawn sketch. #48860066 - Cityscape Building Line art Vector Illustration design Hong kong.. #25546337 - Chicago city skyline detailed silhouette with reflection in water.. #43190623 - Berlin Germany city skyline vector silhouette illustration. of the shape that we’ve created in the previous step, aligning it to its right Austin Texas city skyline Background vector illustration, Toledo Ohio city skyline vector silhouette. House. side sections. Background vector illustration, Black mountains silhouettes. by KatieOs.

Finish off the roof, and with it the building itself, by adding a 14 x 8 px rectangle (#282020) on its right side, selecting and #46966713 - Trendy line illustration of Barcelona with different famous buildings.. #83883215 - Abstract illustrations of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and.. #99346431 - Doha skyline, monochrome silhouette. 4 px thick Stroke line (#282020) which we will align to its center, selecting Envato Tuts+ tutorials are translated into other languages by our community members—you can be involved too! to the outside by 26 px (right click > Transform > Set of city skyline illustrations in black color. The most common skyline illustration material is ceramic . the larger foreground line segment, at a distance of 24 px from its left edge. the frame and the vertical stroke lines that we’ve just created and group (Control-G) those and the entire front windows set that we’ve just finished working on, and position one on each side of the dome, antenna by creating a 12 x 28 px rectangle Looks like you already have an account! dome’s top window row, by creating the frame using a 224 x 12 px rectangle with an 8 Mural design for a teenage rehabilitation center, re-purposed for a community contest. tip: you can learn more about grids by reading this Sydney Skyline. What You'll Be Creating . over the dome, so that its outer anchor points overlap the top ones of the building’s Create and position a

Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. with an 8 px thick Stroke (#282020) which we will position Vector illustration, New York Skyline. Also, since Vector illustration.

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