This wasn’t a problem for either of them; there was enough space to go around. In fact, he and former neighborhood buddy, John Staluppi, began tinkering with cars and boats as teenagers. Spata's bread-and-butter in the weeks and months leading up to the 18th Avenue festival was shaking down proprietors seeking to establish a coveted spot. Mama Lucy's Sausage and Peppers, named after Angelo's proud wife, was a fixture at most of New York's Italian festivals, including (but not limited to); the Figli di Santa Rosalia in Bensonhurst, the San Gennaro Festival in Manhattan's Little Italy and the Our Lady of Pompeii Feast on Carmine St., Lower Manhattan. Spata networked his marital status by becoming a close personal assistant of Carmine Persico's loyal acting boss, the murderous Tommy Gioeli, during the 2000s. John Staluppi had the motivation and character to succeed at anything he put his mind to. A man who the Bonanno crime family tried to assassinate in 1978 was arrested on Monday in Garden City on child sexual abuse charges. Owned by his brother Michael, the company was under constant surveillance by the FBI looking to trip up the acting boss and ship him back to prison on a supervised release charge. From prison, Allie Persico stepped up his role in regrouping the family, relying on Spata to run around Brooklyn ferrying messages. "Every inch" of their home at 1146 84th St. was adorned with "tinsel, figurines and blinking bulbs, attracting visitors from all over the city," according to the Urban Gazette article, which noted that the extravagant home glamor was a month-long affair and enlisted workers from their feast stand to "dress up as elves, snowmen and cartoon characters. Spata soon recognized the potential of running scams in the feast itself. His net worth, according to court papers, had grown to $2 million, and he was continuing to act as a valuable ambassador for Carmine & Alphonse Persico since the arrest in June of the last remaining Persico kid on the streets, Michael. But the tiny Colombo associate went even further;"At one point, (Spata) was extorting as much as $2500 per booth," exclusive court papers alleged in 2013. D'Amico quickly became a familiar face on news screens as a flunkey, right-hand-man and chauffeur for the romanticized boss of the Gambino family, John "the Dapper Don" Gotti. The purchase was at least the second Sparaco has gotten $10,000 in campaign money from Long Island car dealerships owned by reputed gangster John Staluppi, records show. When a child hugs him for granting his wish (Make a Wish Foundation) or when he can provide state of the art wheelchairs for spinal cord injury victims (Darrell Gwynn Foundation) - John Staluppi says “ I hope this is my legacy.”. Founded more than three decades ago by the native Brooklynite, Not only is it a local sensation, but the 11-day Little Italy festival is also internationally famous and attracts tourists from elsewhere in the United States, and abroad. In the Figli di Santa Rosalia at least, Spata's job as the "supplier of vendors" involves businessmen giving cash payments of up to $2500 under-the-table to score a stand. The man at the counter was Angelo Spata, six years her elder. Staying true to his nickname, Spata later confided in Russo that he was forced to share his $7500 cut with “The Claw,” for no reason other than Benji’s attendance at the meeting. He grew up with an intimate knowledge of people who have a tough life - and now he feels an obligation to help needy people have an easier life in some way. According to Reynold, Carmine Persico was still attempting to enforce the often-broken Mafia edict against dealing in narcotics, and Ren didn't want to face any repercussions, even though the marijuana-trafficking scheme was with his supposed "street boss.". On June 11, 1996, the FBI charged the acting boss and other members of the Genovese family with pocketing upwards of $20 million "through a catalog of crimes - right down to stealing bills from the Feast of San Gennaro statue," according to a Daily News article the following day. Castellazzo's answer was quick and final; whether or not Spata made money wasn’t on his mind, but if Manny wasn’t earning, neither was The Claw. Teddy told me, “What did you do?” I said, “I don’t know. The reasoning was simple; half of the ten grand was given to Spata to distribute to the Persico brood, according to exclusive court documents obtained by, During this time, Spata was also in charge of a poker room on 84th Street alongside Louis Venturelli who, if you remember from earlier, was also in business with Spata with Joker-Poker machines, which Venturelli serviced and managed. Furthermore, Onofrio gleefully affirmed that he was the designated successor to manage the San Gennaro festival, and the multimillion-dollar scams that came with it. The more the Persico clan found themselves behind bars, the more Spata was entrusted to pass high-profile messages to the ruling leadership of the family. Born in 1947 in Brooklyn, native New Yorker, John Staluppi started his life from humble beginnings. That year, Mayor Rudy Giuliani declared the festival officially "mob-free," although, years later, Cosa Nostra rule has continued. Exclusive court documents obtained by also allege that Spata Sr. was later proposed for induction into the Colombo family too, before his son. '. Since the so-called “demand” wasn’t caught on tape, we’ll never know for sure how it went down. With his carnival rides and festival equipment from Toy Store Amusement, Spata has also played an active role in organizing community fundraisers and charity events, particularly for the St. Athanasius Church in Bensonhurst. One of the pair's beefs stemmed over the shakedown of a longtime, second-generation Colombo associate named Roger Califano. Born in Brooklyn, native New Yorker, John Staluppi started his life from humble beginnings. According to Russo, he was paid a visit by his pals, Carmine L. Persico (a nephew of the namesake boss) and Andre D'Apice, a second-generation soldier, who reported to him that, while awaiting a retrial on murder charges, Allie Persico was trying to push for Russo's induction. The youngest of the proposed inductees may not have garnered much of a "tough guy" image in the Mafia, but by 2010 the 36-year-old had the privilege of being close to influential people in high places. Spata was proposed for induction in August, just as the successful festival came to a close. In a consensual recording from December 17, 2010, soldier Joey Savarese told Anthony Russo that "Angelo was going up there and splitting up the machines, the numbers, and everything. On another occasion, Venturelli told Big Anthony and Savarese that he had just given Angelo $3900 from the machines. A September 28, 2010, phone call between Tommy McLaughlin and Joey Savarese proved this. Russo's testimony regarding his induction indicates a sort-of logjam between Alphonse Persico and Tommy Gioeli. Vinny Butch has the kid (Spata Junior) driving him around. It was the 1950's - the golden years of the American automobile. Browsing: John Staluppi. They spotted Angelo Spata traveling to Boston with two unnamed Colombo members (most likely a reference to capo Theodore Persico Jr. and high-ranking associate Michael) at least twice to confer with the mostly-telecommuting Bostonian. But, proving his point, Gioeli couldn't make it that day. Russo tried to get fellow soldier Joey Savarese to push for the loansharking proposal, but Savarese, a partner of Spata's gambling club, reported back that Angelo wouldn't budge. The Spatas, as mentioned before, have longstanding ties to the Feast, with Lucy Spata being crowned the "Queen" for several years running. Gioeli's job was to rebuild the Borgata, whose numbers had dwindled due to a 10-year hiatus on inducting new members. The cheffing couple spent most nights from May to September running their various booths throughout the summertime feasts, supplementing their day job of owning and operating a Dyker Heights butcher shop. Rosatti has maintained a connection to his roots and to people from his past. According to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel's Church Reverend Monsignor, Joseph P. Calise, Angelo was the "supplier of vendors," meaning that he was the man in charge of organizing who could and couldn't score a booth, according to the letter penned by Calise on Spata's behalf for his 2013 sentencing for racketeering. A teacher described him as a "hard-working, very amicable individual who stood out amongst his peers" and even "volunteered to help clean up the Shore Road parks." Little Angelo and Susan got married in November 1996. He vowed that if ever really made it - he would help those less fortunate. The second was Angelo would give Tommy McLaughlin, a close friend of Russo, the startup money to kickstart his own shylocking business. But, after Russo refused to spread false rumors, Spata never followed through. Now, Vinny Butch also is tall - he's a big guy. Michael Persico donated through Romantique Limousines. According to those documents, Angelo Spata Sr.'s proposal wasn't based on his abilities as an "earner" or as a "tough guy." During the late 2000s, Spata had a dispute with the Genovese family over Razzle-Dazzle territory and, after a sitdown, allowed the "West Side" (as the Genoveses are sometimes called) to place the games at the Figli di Santa Rosalia and New York's other feasts. In Dyker Heights, the Spatas were household names, and the Urban Gazette section of the Daily News gave Lucy a full-page article in the 1990s. There would never be another era like it and John Staluppi was fortunate enough to have witnessed the innovation, imagination, and vision in the automotive industry. After his racketeering arrest in 2011, Spata was given glowing recommendations by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn’s Chamber of Commerce President Carlo Scissura, Brooklyn Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Councilman Domenic M. Recchia Jr., as well as various other local politicians, church pastors, and business leaders in the community. Even though his father encouraged him to become an electrician, John was already bitten by the car bug. time Staluppi has ventured into the world of adult entertainment in Palm On Angelo's wedding day, Allie met with Mikey DiLeonardo, who told Cosa Nostra News that he became the de facto emissary between the Colombo and Gambino families.

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