Perhaps true to his cocky nature, he sometimes finds himself going far too fast for himself, which can lead to mistakes. I feel this one gives off more of the dread feeling one would feel looking at her, I definitely would not want to be the one standing in front of her. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. All you have are your brother and uncle along his family.

While werewolves in general are stated to have their power wax and wane with the lunar cycle, it is unknown if all werewolves receive this much of an increase. Leon snarled, almost letting his werewolf side awaken, but snapped back as he shouted, "Are you kidding me? one is over 400 years old.

Justin and Leon were pretty good friends back as kids, but because of the werewolfism, their friendship had become strained. Later on in the story, he is somewhat a little distrustful around the other new members of the group to come, one being Kharu. Except when it comes to Courtney's affections, the two are often competitive. And Arte, because… well, she's kind of cute and one day would become a knockout. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Your going to be late for school." Most 'kin' (all races under the veil) look at them with a measure of pity and fear. Some time in the story, Alex asks why he's so attracted to her, and he simply replies, 'she's got an amazing scent that just drives a wolf wild'. I'll just jump right in, please tell me if I need to correct anything, "Lily!" Although it's considered as a usual thing for him to flirt with girls, Courtney seems to be a special case.

Lily rubbed her eyes as she looked over to what made the giggling noise. One and a billion become a kinsmir. Lilith, and later on Elda and Zazie, are some of the girls that he likes to hang out… and grope sometimes in hilarious circumstances. Name: Leon Blake At a young age, Leon had made friends with a young Justin at the time. "I'm skipping school." You know those vampires punks are gonna cause all kinds of trouble when the eclipse happens."

This is the main character in her Kinsmir (werewolf/vampire hybrid) form, although a somewhat more... sexy version rather than scary. This makes him value both his friendship with Justin, Lucien and Raze, as well as the others, they become the only true friends or family he's ever had. Personally, he didn't have much for relationships, or if he didn't care about them. While working in the club, he tends to leave all the work to his subordinates, including the distribution of the paper. Leon is a Brown Timber Werewolf, one of the known werewolves to be both fast and vicious in their nature. Both girls laughed and giggled about it, as they pulled up to Lily's house. He likes to wise-crack and make snappy quips, and seems to be quick with making decisions as well. Gives her the face.

"Hello ladies." Alex and Oogie are always good for a laugh whenever they are around. Leon is fond of Courtney, considering of her dark nature, and would do anything to please her… or for her to go on a date with her. "I swear you two are gonna be the death of me." Justin didn't know what was going on at the time, and Leon just kept it a secret for as long as he could, so their friendship was obviously strained. A redo of a picture I did a decade ago called "Bloodbath" for my webcomic Shifters. Goosebumps Adventure Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Leon has a clear head when in battle and on the football field, but when it comes to girls, he's a shameless peeping tom flirt. A great deal worth of improvement. Leon sees both Max and Arte as sort of little siblings to him.

He had used his powers and skill to make the football team's runner. The lover of a vampire but killer of a werewolf.

A redo of a picture I did a decade ago called "Bloodbath" for my webcomic Shifters. Kinsmir : The Lover Of A Vampire 《《PJM》》 2.1K 179 36.

Despite the fact that Justin's part vampire due to the Kinsmir Blade, Leon still remains a friend, but because of the Kinsmir Blade, he also has an obligation to help him understand the blade better, considering the werewolves are the only ones who respect the Balance between the feuding races. Afterwards, Leon joins their group as a tracker and a fighter. Which in turn earns a slap to the face, frozen gonads, or other means to beat him up. Normally its a bit more bulky than what's here. Though he doesn't show it much (considering that other students would call him a pervert), his affections lie with Courtney. she yelled and walked back down stairs.Lily slowly opened her eyes,"Who cares." Though that didn't shrink his abilities to his clan elders when he heard some of his clan members went missing. You don't remember your parents. He is widely regarded as one of the strongest top-tier monster at the school by the other students but he doesn't really care bout it, preferring to keep out of the limelight. Ferrah Rolly Associated tropes: Body Horror: Her turning into a Kinsmir Eldritch Abomination Heinz Hybrid: Kinsmirs are a mix of Vampire and Werewolf Alice Sherry Associated tropes: Our Werebeasts Are Different: She is a Werecat Ben Harkus … Hope the technical troubles clear up soon.

I've always found werecat mythos to be more interesting that werewolf mythos.

This is the main character in her Kinsmir (werewolf/vampire hybrid) form, although a somewhat more... sexy version rather than scary. From this starting point, I kept one foot always in the werewolf fanbase, even as I started to see more and more of the appeal of vampires. Lily muttered to her mother and yawned.Her mother gave Lily one of her disappointing frowns,"Why not?" "Come one babe you have enough creds to skip a day learning,". this time she heard someone storming up the stairs.Lily sat up from her bed and turned her lamp on besides her bed shutting her eyes tight when the light hit her.Lily's mother knocked on the door,"Lily wake up! Due to the fact that his werewolf nature also includes canine pheromones, it would only be natural for him to be quite a horn dog amongst the girls of Amityville's high school. "That"s the best thing I've heard Monday morning" . This leads him to Fever Swamp to find not only the perp, but his beloved and her friends finding the perp as well. Suzanne and Babs were driving to pick up Lily. Plus, he asks Alex in for favors once in a while; namely photos of girls either in sexy swimsuits, lingerie, or just completely naked. He has a strong dislike of vampires magic, with Justin and Elda being one of the few exceptions. Yet for some strange obsession, he's drawn to Christie Argent. Since the world began, there have only been 10 kinsmir ever to be born, and come to full awakening, Due to the chaotic nature of their magics and power, part Shifter, part Vampire, part demon In this day and age there are two Kinsmir still alive. This leads up to a rescue mission and a fight to catch the Uber Wolf, in which both teams work together to beat him.

Leon has proven himself a loyal friend and has provided the group with helpful information, often acting as the comic relief. "I wouldn't worry about them so much as I would the shifters, they'll be out having a blast, getting wasted humping anything they can find." It was Justin, who was still in his Kinsmir form, who had stopped him as he snarled, "What the hell do you think you're doing? But after the Fever Swamp incident, the two reconciled completely and were once again friends. she asked while her eyes scanned the morning newspaper. Born in the time of the Roman Empire, Alaric acquired a taste for combat after watching a nighttime gladiator fight in Rome. Yay shifters! Werewolves eat the Black Plague for breakfast! Are you two with me?". Things were fine until you we... Just One Bite {PJM Vampire FF} ~2020 EDITING~ As he grew older, he grew contemptuous of the vampirical royal … And even though he's joined the team, and mended an old friendship, he still tries to flirt with the girls of the team, leading to humorous failures. Most of his childhood, he had spent months, training his body to control the werewolf within him, as well as martial arts and breathing exercises in order to control it further. Family: Parents; Unknown, Lucien: Clan elder, Raze: Mentor. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. wow, I did look through your gallery and saw the old one and there is a lot of improvement. His claws are also as sharp as ever, enabling him to claw into stone in order to climb up wooden, stone, or steel walls. Leon Blake is the werewolf of the Nightbumpers; a tracker, a fighter, and a real skirt chaser. she said ruefully. As a werewolf, when a full moon shines brightly, his abilities are heightened to the point where his speed exceeds even Lilith. Due to being part-wolf, Leon proves to be very laid-back. "You and I both know-". She winked at Babs. Max because he's a pretty cool dude as well as Courtney's brother. Finally, after vigorous training, Leon came back into town, fully in control of his Lupine form. In this world there are supernatural creatures of every sort, living together with the human race, hidden and protected by the Council which is made up of the major clans, Dragons, Elves, and Mages Old Gen Vampires etc... (( Both are acceptable, when we get a couple more players we'll start. Elsa and Leon are also two friends who are also powerful allies as well, enjoying workouts as well. It should be noted he has no second thoughts about trying to impress other girls. This is probably the main reason why he keeps a pouch full of both Wolfsbane, to reverse his changes, and Locoweed, to induce his changes. Suzanne shakes her head. The idea came from Gin from Rosario to Vampire, but also a mixture of Miroku and Kotaru. she mumbled to herself.Like she would go to school to get an education, the only reason she went is to seem normal.Without a word Lily got up, stretched, and headed down stairs to meet her mother. Babs said .

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