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left: 2px; color: #ffffff; div.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-section.theme-filter div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item{



div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev, Koenigsegg only produce around 15 models a year, so every part is built to a level of perfection which most car marques cannot compete with. .nav_position_vertical_center_inner_hover.lcp_vertical #wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area:hover .slick-next,

box-shadow: none;

TWO-DOOR, TWO-SEATER WITH FIXED ROOF. } .wpl-tooltip-5f9097edefbcc.tooltipster-sidetip .tooltipster-box{


breakpoint: 900, div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item .middle-description{

div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc .lcp-pagination li span.current,

div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item .wpl-lcp-item-border{ -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 10px 0 #ccc; right: 38px; color: #ff0303; CURB WEIGHT 1360 KG (COMPLETE CAR READY TO DRIVE WITH 50% FUEL. .nav_position_vertical_center_inner_hover.lcp_vertical #wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next{

left: 47%;

} div.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-section div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7 [class*="lcp-col"]{

That’s when the twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 engine is running on its favoured diet of E85 Ethanol, which is freely available in Sweden. So wherever the street may take you, ensure you are in the driver's seat of something excellent, exquisite, comfortable and rich. { } padding-top: 45px; top: -37px;

Would You Like Your Car Delivered?


.wpl-tooltip-5f9097edecca7.tooltipster-sidetip .tooltipster-box{ Lightweight race seats are complimented by carbon fibre and aluminium elements with hand-finished stitching in contrasting colours. trigger: "hover", slidesToShow: 1

Ultra-rare Koenigsegg One:1 up for sale; Ultra-rare Koenigsegg One:1 up for sale. jQuery(document).ready(function() { A passenger ride comes first. background-color: #f0f0f0; slidesToShow: 3 maxWidth: 220

breakpoint: 1000, { jQuery("#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc").slick({ border-bottom-color: #000;

} .wpl-tooltip-5f9097edecca7.tooltipster-sidetip.tooltipster-top .tooltipster-arrow-background { }, autoplaySpeed: 3000,

It never arrives: I’m looking at the digital speedometer as it passes 200km/h and I can still feel the rear end squirming. .nav_position_bottom_left.lcp_horizontal div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc .slick-prev{ Koenigsegg Tier 5 Stock Max Model One:1 Rating 648 720 Price $2,600,000 or 170 Gold (must complete Power Play Shakedown) Power 1392 2026 Engine 5.0 L twin-turbocharged V8 Weight 2998 2457 Drivetrain Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive Grip 9700 10260 Transmission 7 …

} overflow: hidden; arrows: true,

background-color: #f5903b; margin-left: -6px;

trigger: "hover", } }); { border-color: #ddd;

slidesToShow: 3,

left: 47%; } right: 2px; }

} .wpl-tooltip-5f9097edefbcc.tooltipster-sidetip.tooltipster-right .tooltipster-arrow-border {

slidesToShow: 2 .wpl-tooltip-5f9097edefbcc.tooltipster-sidetip .tooltipster-content {

} border-right-color: #000; div.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-section.theme-grid #div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item, background-color: #f0f0f0;

} .wpl-tooltip-5f9097edecca7.tooltipster-sidetip.tooltipster-left .tooltipster-arrow-border {

bottom: -37px;

speed: 600, The innovative engineering and design allows for award-winning performance that you’d expect to see from a hypercar which had a base price of around £1.7 million.

KOENIGSEGG built six cars apart from the car presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

} adaptiveHeight: true, color: #fff; background-color: #f5903b;

.wpl-tooltip-5f9097edecca7.tooltipster-sidetip.tooltipster-bottom .tooltipster-arrow-border { div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item .top-title, z-index: 1; .nav_position_vertical_center.lcp_vertical #wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next { left: 47%; } margin-left: -38px;

Every element is the perfect combination of aggressive styling and flawless aerodynamics for a luxury supercar which is impressive with exceptional performance. } (required) bottom: inherit;

settings: { div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item .wpl-lcp-item-border{ }

slidesToShow: 4 div.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-section.theme-carousel div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7 .wpl-lcp-item { margin: 8px; } margin-right: 8px; As well as having the largest fleet of prestige hire cars in the UK, we also have some of the world’s most rare luxury hire cars. Berkeley Square. } } pauseOnHover: true, left: 47%;

div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc .lcp-pagination li a:hover{ .nav_position_vertical_center_inner_hover.lcp_vertical #wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area:hover .slick-prev{ {

Inside, the finest quality materials and traditional hand-finished craftmanship has been combined to create a cabin which is elegant yet bold. .wpl-tooltip-5f9097edecca7.tooltipster-sidetip.tooltipster-left .tooltipster-arrow-background { div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item:hover .wpl-lcp-item-border{ jQuery("#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7").slick({ } We recently used Starr Luxury Cars for a corporate track day and hired several Aston Martins for our team. Fear not – it's up for grabs again.

display:inline-block; .nav_position_vertical_center_inner_hover.lcp_vertical #wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next{ right: 2px;

slidesToShow: 4, Luxury Sport Car Hire is here to help you discover ideal Koenigsegg for your specific needs and desires. div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .wpl-lcp-item .list-title{ border-right-color: #000; }

13 Dec 2016.

bottom: 0; Thank Starr Luxury Cars for all your assistance. } overflow: hidden; { side: "top", padding-bottom: 45px;

animation: "grow", slidesToShow: 3 } 20 SEC

} Our expert team are on hand to help you choose a prestige hire car to fit your requirements and will do everything possible to ensure your needs are met.

.nav_position_top_left.lcp_horizontal div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7 .slick-next,

settings: {

} margin-right: -6px;

} vertical-align: middle; border: 1px solid #f0f0f0; } div.wpl-logo-section-id-5f9097edecca7.nav_position_bottom_left, maxWidth: 220 background-color: #f5903b; div.wpl-logo-section-id-5f9097edefbcc.nav_position_top_right, top: 33px;

arrows: true, dots: false,

box-shadow: none; div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-prev,

div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area [class*="lcp-col-"]{ } }


border: 1px solid #f0f0f0; padding-top: 45px; } rtl: false, Also you can hire a Koenigsegg The One in USA - UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

margin-right: 8px; border: 1px solid #ddd; div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edecca7 .lcp-pagination li span,

} autoplay: true, swipe: true, jQuery(document).ready(function() { },

side: "top",

jQuery(".wpl-lcp-item .wpl-tooltip-5f9097edefbcc").tooltipster({ bottom: 0;

right: 38px; Ask our sales team for more details. bottom: inherit; div.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_top_right.lcp_horizontal div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc .slick-next, margin-left: 0; padding-bottom: 45px; div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next { All the cars have already been sold.

div.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_top_center div#wpl-logo-carousel-pro5f9097edefbcc.wpl-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next, YesNo, I took out an Aston Martin for a client meeting and was a fantastic expeirence from start to finish.

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