“It’s Sunday, Alex” says Shawn, the bulky calm-minded scotsman, while flipping  bronze sausages in the glaring sun. Tent still wet. Have to do some stuff.” >Stuff< being defined as my bachelor thesis. Yaroomba / Marcoola / Maroochydore / Parrearra / Currimundi / Caloundra – Aussies love funny city names One day, Chris announced that a drum-circle-gathering-party was happening and before I knew it I stood in a quiet neighborhood some blocks from Chris’ place, in front of an even bigger house that emitted the indulging scents of joss sticks. READ MOREDon’t even want to commit to a contract? Nice camping spot at the sea, unfortunately: rainy night. New day, new approach. Always try to spend your money with locals.

Singapore. I can’t say I was the best baker ever, but I was sure the happiest, most content and most welfare-oriented. Not Lexus drivers. Explorer Junior started with the mission to nurture children as young as 3 years old and equip them with the Explorer Mindset. Again. These were the eyes of a man who had seen way too much sorrow in his life. Every day I kept saying to myself “these bags of good food would be thrown away, yet they can find their way to the people who need it, if only you want.” One time I found a campervan with some backpackers inside.

“Lex’plore is an initiative aimed at drivers who wish to enjoy the freedom of owning a car without having to make a significant down payment as with typical vehicle purchases,” Samuel Yong, Director of Marketing and Business Strategy, Borneo Motors Singapore, said in a statement. Let’s go. I couldn’t stop chuckling about this spectacle; the people, the conversations, the behavior, just fantastic. Survive. "LEX'PLORE is an initiative aimed at drivers who wish to enjoy the freedom of owning a car without having to make a significant down payment as with typical vehicle purchases. VISA ready, this time. “Where have you been yesterday?” I counter. Barefoot if you couldn’t find your flip-flop in the morning. Introducing the craziest conversation between a Swedish and a Spanish EVER, in a study break at SMU: Studying at SMU is fun – especially if you take courses like “Post-modern Theatre Studies”. I still had my van for these days, where I preferred to sleep (I mean, I paid for that scum, so the least I could do is using it). Read the latest Lex'plore write-ups here. It was just simply tremendously cool to have good weather again and such a good buddy around. The Philippines. Still I will take the next week as working week and try to finish the stack of projects that are still on my to do list… Most importantly my bachelor thesis which is still on hold due to the acclimatizing effect of the first few days. The great thing about couchsurfing is the people you get to know. Only 40 units for this Limited edition Audi, Power Unedited | Lotus Exige Sport 350 (M). Ju-Len believes in world peace and V8s, but not necessarily in that order. The programme is designed to deliver to customers the luxury and comfort of a brand-new Lexus with zero down payment. Rockhampton – cowboy town. Bock mitzukommen?” – “Hey dude, we wanna drive over to Port Douglas today, you wanna join?” Lexus distributor Borneo Motors says customers can drive the car home after they pay for insurance and the first month’s installment. Travelling through Indonesia, an old man approached us. Being greeted by the host of the house I dared a stroll on the patio, overseeing the backyard. The daily free sponsored dinner at the Woolshed helped a lot in the beginning and after 5 “ricy” months of Asia, I am more than willing to eat slushy pasta 7 times a week. The Road to Mandalay – Bagan – Inlay – Yangon, A quick trip to Java: Yogyakarta – Malang – Surabaya, The Prince is Dead – Playing theatre at SMU, https://www.facebook.com/SMUPostModernTheaterStudies. I didn’t understand 80% of the ingredients.

Entering Nimbin is not like any other city. He made money going around giving shoulder rubs. —————————————————-Update—————————————————- Making new friends over a glass of wine, exchanging stories from Asia against stories from Australia. Seeing, breathing, living the city. One meal here could make me live for days in Asia. The work at the Woodduck proved to be easy and rewarding, the weather not as cold as initially thought, and the general cost of living dropped as supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths appeared as quality service supermarkets with always-updated discount configurations (I can tell, retailing was my thesis topic), and I was quite happy with the life I had in Cairns. One advantage of the scheme, says Borneo, is that it allows customers to circumvent the need for a large down payment that traditional hire purchase financing requires. As we want to apply for VISAs, it turns out the embassy celebrates 10 consecutive days of New Year, until opening again on the 23rd of April. Since the HongKong trip and through hosting my family in Singapore, I became aware of the positive effect of local knowledge on the experience of the guest, so I was sure I wanted to get some real insider insights into the city. Thailand. The Lex’plore scheme lets you pay a monthly amount and drive a new Lexus home SINGAPORE — Lexus has become the latest car brand to offer a lease-to-own scheme here. In our final production, we adapted Saint-Exupéry’s “Little Prince” in a post-modern way. Thus I quickly gathered three friends or rather acquaintances, all recently met at the Woodduck, and rented a campervan to cruise down to Brisbane where I already had a date to meet an old friend from the Maastricht days. The pay was crap, getting up at 4AM and working for 12h straight on Sundays, having only the Saturday off. People's Square. I joined him for some hours and found out that he made his money with street music. That translated into a 60-70 hour workweek which calmed down once I concentrated on the paid job, to a “relaxed” 50-60h week. I had few thoughts about the second most corrupt country of the world before going there, and surely things were different than what I expected. Weather: lousy In the first few weeks I took double the pain, taking a look into a great media agency every day before heading over to work at the bakery. Day 2: mood – divided. Sleeping where you want to, going where you want to, experiencing what you want to. Hong Kong. Another time Pawel had a day off from work and we quickly decided to make a hiking trip in the mountains surrounding the city. Feeling like an astronaut while diving with a oxygen-filled helmet, exploring the reef with a glass-bottom boat and a semi-submarine, indulging in fresh salad and fruit buffets (!) Singapore. We didn’t bother driving the detour to Rainbow Beach. Speaking of it, I bumped into a young Swedish guitarist yesterday who performed on the streets, great skills. It’s Sunday Alex. lexus  ux  es  is  nx  lexus  ux  lexus es  lexus is  lexus nx  lex'plore  lexplore  brand new  brand-new  leasing, Brand new MINI Electric launched in Singapore. The premium Japanese carmaker’s “Lex’plore Programme” offers drivers the chance to drive a new Lexus with no downpayment over a five or seven year period. I would love to tell stories of campfires, guitar sessions and endless days under the sun, parrots resting on my shoulder, turtles delivering ice-cold beers on their backs, Kangaroos playing Didgeridoo, but I have to disappoint you – nothing like this happened. But guess what: rain. Through an elective-based approach to learning, each student creates a learning pathway that is personalized and unique. May 3, 2012. —————————————————-Update—————————————————- The old ones I found in Laos were so worn out they had holes. Mount Merapi is definately some place I want to see in my life, still. In any case, high prices in Singapore mean that driving a car almost requires a person to beg, borrow or steal, but schemes like Lex’plore provide a fourth choice. Thailand. Essentially, the scheme suits buyers who are cash-poor but have the income to support the monthly payments. Every evening, I took the leftovers that were about to be thrown away and gave them to homeless people, sometimes junkies, anyone who was willing to take one of those heavy, bread-and-rolls-filled bags. “Can you fry eggs on that?” I ask and point at the grill, “I don’t know” he replies with his Scottish accent. Try subscribing to a BMW instead!

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