Dr. Clinkscales feels different parts of the arm and asks Little Bill where it hurts. SportaRobbieNumberone 133,121 views. Little Bill: "And they'll be my friends again?" The boys argue until Miss Murrany comes over again and asks why they are fighting so much. Little Bill doesn't want to have that, but Dr. Clinkscales says he needs to eat a bowl of ice cream after dinner tonight. Brenda tells Little Bill that he's being brave. The next day, during color time, Little sits is his seat next to Andrew. Dr. Clinkscales brings Little Bill and Brenda into the x-ray machine room. Fuschia is the princess and Kiku is the dog. Dr. Clinkscales says no to both, but tells him that he can wiggle his nose. Comments are turned off. He puts the stethoscope on Little Bill's ears, and now he can hear his heart. Dr. Clinkscales finally finds the spot where it hurts and promises Little Bill that he'll take care of him. Little Bill says hello to him, and Dr. Clinkscales wants to know what happened. Andrew Mulligan tells her that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, so he should drive. Dr. Clinkscales knows that, but tells him to imagine it as a big camera. 4:10. Brenda finally arrives and hugs Little Bill. Dr. Clinkscales informs Little Bill that x-rays take pictures of bones. Little Bill and Andrew try to reach the flowers at the top, but they can't reach it. Up next Little Bill- Miss Murray's wedding clip. Andrew is still mad at Little Bill and asks why he is sitting next to him. 5:56. Little Bill asks what the object is. Little Bill is snapped back into reality by Brenda asking him if he's ready for his x-ray, and he says so. Little Bill implies that it hurts to move his arm. He burts into tears again again and tells her that he hurt his arm, and she, knowing that, promises him that everything will be just fine. Rita Weisskoff, P.h.D., is one of the program's educational consultants. Alice the Great says that he'll be busy, and the episode ends with them all chuckling in the lobby. Little Bill is a little scared because the machine looks really big. Little Bill is upset, but Brenda assures him that his arm will be fixed. When Kiku accidentally ruins one of Little Bill's favorite drawings, he responds by crumpling her own work./There's going to be a party at the Glover house, and no one's more excited than Little Bill until he learns he's not invited. The episode begins in Little Bill's backyard, where he and his cousin Fuchsia are playing cowboys and cowgirls and riding imaginary horses. Suddenly, Little Bill trips, rolls, falls down, holds his arm, and starts to sob. Afterwards, they will know exactly what to do for his arm. Little Bill starts to sing a blues song to them about his hurt arm and having to go to the hospital, and they all start to dance to his song.

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