Contents. Enjoy! Genre: Animation, Aventure... Director: Mamoru Hosoda. His father worked as a railway engineer, and his mother was a tailor. Haha it’s not so much the English dub (never saw it!) Despite being an heir to one of anime’s most ornate directorial bloodlines, Hosoda’s come to value clarity as a key aspect. I think this is a pretty good description of Hosoda’s distinct charm! Enjoy! In an attempt to explain the… When judged as a Mamoru Hosoda movie rather than a Digimon one, this short film’s also interesting as the beginning of a stylistic shift. Mamoru Hosoda Digimon Interview (Part 2) | Wave Motion Cannon; Sentimientos incestuosos y Digimon – El libro extraño; ANIMATION PRINCIPLES: STAGING – Sugar Lover; Digimon the Movie – Otaku Brit (^.^) Digimon Adventure: 20 Years Of Sincere Mamoru Hosoda Films – Sakuga Blog is a Japanese director. Thanks for the article!! On the bright side, the Angela Anaconda intro’s only gotten more hilarious in retrospect just because of how bizarre that was. One Piece : Le Baron Omatsuri et l'Île secrète,èle:Palette_Mamoru_Hosoda&oldid=175690089, Palette Animation et bande dessinée asiatique, Palette avec paramètre état ignoré ou à autocollapse, Projet:Animation et bande dessinée asiatiques/Modèles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions. 0h 38m 2000. That fearsome side of the Digimon is seen at its grandest during the fight between Red Greymon and Parrotmon, in no small part because of the exceptional animation. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. [2][11] During this time, he directed an episode of Ojamajo Doremi, which was inspired by his turbulent time at Ghibli. Digimon, le film . The book contains storyboards for the Digimon Adventure movie, the Digimon Adventure episode "Home Away From Home", and Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!. Si cette page est protégée, veuillez transférer le contenu de la documentation vers sa sous-page dédiée.Les éditeurs peuvent travailler dans le bac à sable (créer) et la page de test (créer). At Madhouse, Hosoda earned critical acclaim with his directing efforts, including 2006's The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (which won Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year in 2007[13]) and 2009's Summer Wars (which won the same award in 2010). Look at CCS’s latest master that’s supposedly much more faithful to the cels for one – it lost a lot of the liveliness that I associate with the show. [15][16] Mirai was nominated for Best Animated Feature for the 2019 Oscars. So happy 20th anniversary Digimon, and happy 20 years of Mamoru Hosoda theatrical projects! It makes sense for a site focused on the production side of things like this one to give preference to overlooked voices, even as we tend to limit ourselves to the commercial animation sphere.

As mentioned by Hosoda himself, Digimon Adventure: The Movie (not to be confused with the embarrassing western mishmash) was in the works before the TV show was pitched, even though it’s now seen as nothing but its prologue. In more recent times, his films have been born from developments in his life to begin with – Wolf Children’s tale of motherhood after his own mother died, a father’s struggle in the form of The Boy and the Beast once he became a parent, and the downright autobiographical Mirai just last year.

And as we mentioned in passing during our first Kaguya-sama write-up, Hosoda argues that kagenashi’s a cornerstone of his philosophy as a storyteller; since he makes anime with children in the spotlight – both as main characters and in the audience – he wants to convey feelings with no subterfuges.
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Do we have any knowledge of how they approached color in the 90s?

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