Find used certified Maruti Suzuki Maruti 800 online at the best prices only at Maruti Suzuki True Value. No Ads. Thanks. This car remained the highest selling car till 2004 only to be defeated by its own sibling, the Alto. La Maruti 800 est une automobile du constructeur indo - japonais Maruti Suzuki. Nevertheless, both cars performed well in their respective countries.
Now as we go further, the 800 had Macpherson Strut and Coil Spring at the front end while coil spring with gas-filled shock absorbers at the rear end. A Fun Read: 10 Legendary Longest Production Cars in India. Maruti Suzuki 800, a car that needs no introduction at all, and if it does, then you know nothing about the Indian automobile industry. Mahindra Scorpio Getaway: Scorpio But, a Pickup Truck! Hi Aaron, 800 again.

As it was based on a JDM Kei car, the dimensions of the ‘800’ were pretty tiny. Dubai Police and Their Cars | The Insane Police Car Collection! Have fun reading: 10 Forgotten Maruti Suzuki Cars in India: From Versa to Esteem. Maruti 800 Workshop, Owners, Service or Repair Manuals.

Maruti 800 was also sold in Pakistan, but with a different name, Suzuki Mehran. Typo on the 1st line. Suzuki Mehran was offered with bare safety equipment till 1995-96 when the seatbelts were first introduced in the car. I strong believe & most trusted vehicle is Maruti Suzuki 800, & also recommend that this small car may please be reintroduced in the Indian automobile markets bcos it is King of cars. Till 2012, Mehran was offered with a carbureted engine, while the Indian iteration was always equipped with fuel injection technology. AC used to heat up the car till 2012 when it was upgraded. Find a Repair Guide; Ask the Experts ; Auto Repair Blog; About Us ... there are much better ways of servicing and understanding your Maruti 800 engine than the Haynes manual. Thus Maruti 800 again takes the lead here. 800 vs Mehran Engine Although the engine at the other end, that is, Pakistan was a bit more powerful, fairing both in power as well as the torque, Maruti 800 was able to … The Maruti 800 has 1 Petrol Engine and 1 LPG Engine on offer. The Pakistani version got Macpherson at the front while leaf springs at the rear. It is the most sold car in the country. Free.

Now let’s compare both of the cars, or should I say, the same car in different places? But if we talk about trust, Maruti 800 cannot be expected to meet the safety standards that have been set at present. 2019. Used Maruti Suzuki Maruti 800: Buy Maruti Suzuki True Value certified second hand Maruti Suzuki Maruti 800 that has undergone 376 quality checks. Its supposed to say “you know nothing” instead of “you nothing”. Suzuki Mehran used to cost 7,89,000 in Pakistani Rupees which translates to ₹3,69,500 roughly. Maruti 800 was launched back in 1983 and was discontinued in 2014, 31 years after ruling the roads. 8 Signs Of A Failing Car AC | Car Air Conditioner Diagnosis, 10 Cars in India with the Best Suspension Setup for Typical Indian Roads, 10 Motorcycles And Scooters That We Wish Would Make A Comeback. Although the engine at the other end, that is, Pakistan was a bit more powerful, fairing both in power as well as the torque, Maruti 800 was able to reach a top speed of over 5kmph more than the Mehran.

Will the Mehran able to open the scoring account or not. 2020 Honda City vs 2020 Hyundai Verna | An Epic... Maruti Suzuki Ritz: The Unstoppable Hatchback.

The first generation (SS80) was based on the 1979 Suzuki Alto and had an 800 cc F8B engine, hence the moniker. The 800 is surely the winner in the comparison, although Mehran too is a rebadged Maruti 800 itself. Elle est disponible en version 5 portes uniquement. It was introduced in Pakistan back in 1988 and was sold up until last year, i.e. En 1993, elle a été secondée par la Zen, puis par l' Alto en 2000. Maruti 800 (first-generation model) The first-gen Maruti 800 was based on the 1979 Suzuki Fronte (aka Alto), internally referred to as SS80 model. One of the longest production cars in India, Maruti 800 was the first offering from the company. Gautam Singhania Cars | The Complete Man’s Car Collection. Maruti 800 was indeed the king of cars in its time due to the sales figures.

Another Maruti: Maruti Suzuki Alto | 20 Years of Affordability. It is clear from the table that Mehran was smaller when compared to the Maruti 800 but was a bit taller though. Then also the Mehran has been the top-selling car in Pakistan. The History Of Seatbelts | Its Time To Buckle Up! Maruti 800 surely seems to have a lead over the Pakistani counterpart. It is available with the transmission. I have stopped keeping the count of points scored as Mehran seems to have scored none. Stay tuned! Thus the ride in 800 was more comfortable as compared to the Mehran. That’s essentially what we’re here for - to give you an alternative to the Haynes and Chilton, online and totally for free. The Petrol engine is 796 cc while the LPG engine is 796 cc. Stay tuned! Maruti 800 vs Suzuki Mehran: An Indo-Pak Duel, 10 Forgotten Maruti Suzuki Cars in India: From Versa to Esteem, 10 Legendary Longest Production Cars in India, Maruti Suzuki Alto | 20 Years of Affordability, Honda CR-V | The Japanese Compact Crossover, Ford Endeavour | The True-Blue American SUV of India.

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