That’s really decent range. The Leaf is more expensive than many of its petrol or diesel rivals. According to the official figures, the Nissan Leaf's fuel economy ranges between 0mpg and 4mpg. Once up to speed, if you then hold the e-Pedal steady, the car maintains its speed. The front-wheel drive Leaf is a very versatile hatchback. The car will start to slow down. It will keep you at your desired speed, automatically braking or speeding up as necessary, to keep the programmed distance with the car in front. To compare and contrast the Nissan Leaf against all the electric cars currently on the market, try our EV Car Selector tool. Nissan Leaf 62 kWh specs (2019 - ...) • Acceleration 6.7s ⚡ Battery 62 kWh • Price from $17999 • Range 226 mi • Compare, choose, see best deals. It was officially the top-selling electric vehicle in Europe in 2018. * Your data will be kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to third parties. The more expensive Nissan Leaf e+ version, with its 62 kWh battery, can go about 215 miles on a single charge. It comes with a larger 62 kWh battery. It’s in second place, and only beaten by the MG ZS EV which has slightly lower range. The Nissan Leaf is a very capable electric car. It is determined by the on-board charger power. Nissan Leaf 160kW e+ Tekna 62kWh 5dr Auto Electric Hatchback. The e+ model increases the top charging speed to 100 kW. Nissan’s ProPILOT is not as advanced as Autopilot, but it does an excellent job for the money. Here are the price statistics for its main rivals sub £30k: Conclusion: the price is not bad at all. Nissan took all the good points of the original Leaf, eliminated most of the bad areas, and introduced brand new technology. They have therefore just two pedals for your feet: a brake on the left and an accelerator on the right. How much mpg does the Nissan Leaf get? . It has 5 seats and a fairly big boot. How on earth does that work? Maximum cargo volume of the vehicle with the seats upright. For a very similar price, you then come up against a couple of stand-out EVs in the form of the e-Niro 3 and the Soul EV. ProPILOT is a form of intelligent cruise control. All electric cars are like ‘automatics’. Scroll down for details of range, prices, features, USPs, official website, and video reviews. The base model Nissan Leaf has a 50 kW rapid charging socket using the CHAdeMO system. But this latest version of the Leaf will have to head off strong competition from the Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Kia E-Niro if it's to retain its place at the top of the sales charts. Autopilot is very sophisticated and is as close as you can get to fully automated driving. The real world range of the 40 kWh model of about 151 miles on a single charge means it’s a genuine contender to replace your petrol / diesel car. Nissan’s e-Pedal, on the other hand, allows you to drive using just one pedal. Competitive? However, being an electric car, the costs of charging it will be far less than filling up at the fuel station. How it feels to drive across the engine range. The Leaf also enjoys advanced technology, with a special mention for the ePedal and ProPILOT – more details below. So slowing down the new Nissan Leaf using the e-Pedal actually charges its battery via regenerative braking. It’s a better looking car than the original Leaf and you won’t look out of place in the corporate car park. Now all EVs now employ this technology. Learn more about car tax bands. This means the second fast charge of the day – if you need to do one – will take considerably longer than the first. Here are the comparisons: Here the Leaf e+ is under serious pressure. It will appeal to a lot of different people. Find out how much the Nissan Leaf new and used cars sell for on Auto Trader. Maximum power the car can take when charging from an alternating current power socket. Incentives and charging calculator This charges your battery. Be the first to own one of these cars. With 96 new and 837 used Nissan Leaf cars available on Auto Trader, we have the largest range of cars for sale across the UK. It’s got cheaper rivals in the Ioniq and the brand-new DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. Once back in your lane, press the ProPILOT button and enjoy the ride. ProPILOT is available on some models of the Nissan Leaf. The larger battery 62 kWh version, the Leaf e+, costs from £33,295 including the grant. You need to keep your hands on the steering wheel, but you will feel the wheel moving automatically in your hands. Curb weight or kerb weight is the total weight of a vehicle with standard equipment, all necessary operating consumables such as transmission oil and air conditioning refrigerant, while not loaded with either passengers or cargo. The 2018 Nissan Leaf introduced the e-Pedal. Representative finance example ... any vehicle that had a manufacturers retail price in excess of £40,000 when first sold, attracts a road tax supplement of an additional £320 per year. Nissan Leaf on-the-road prices RRP from £29,845 and rises to around £39,395, depending on the version. Here’s the competition in the £30,000 to £40,000 segment: Here the Leaf e+ is under more pressure: a number of rivals above it with outstanding range capabilities. When you press the e-Pedal, the car starts to accelerate. If you want to extend the range by about 65 miles, go for the Leaf e+. For example, it could be your next family car. It will basically drive the car for you on motorways. kWh is a unit of energy, equivalent to the energy transferred in one hour by one kilowatt of power. To overtake in the Nissan Leaf, put the indicator on and pull out. Click on the links below for independent reviews of the Nissan Leaf from well-known car reviewers: ProPILOT Advanced Driver Assistance System, No active thermal management system for the battery, Hyundai Kona Electric 39 kWh: from £29,900, Hyundai Kona Electric 64 kWh: from £35,900, If you would like more information about EVs in general, please see our main, For specific details about the Leaf itself, see the main Nissan UK. Let’s analyse how that range compares to other family-size, electric 5-seaters below £30,000: It’s not one of the leaders on range, but not the worst either. ProPILOT will warn you if you take your hands off the wheel. Nissan Leaf 62 kWh road trip to Bergen and Stavanger part 2, Пробег Nissan Leaf 62 квт на одной зарядке зимой, Nissan Leaf 62 kWh road trip to Bergen and Stavanger part 1. Real-life figures may differ significantly depending on weather conditions and driving style. Drive it in as economical a manner as you can – helped by some of the in-car graphics that show how much energy you’re using – and you should be able to get 160-170 miles out of it, or up to 239 miles in the E+. It’s full name is ProPILOT Advanced Driver Assistance System. Nissan Leaf on-the-road prices RRP from £29,845 and rises to around £39,395, depending on the version. This Nissan electric car costs from £26,845 for the 40 kWh version, including the government grant. We have trudged round the web and brought all the main video and text reviews to you here in one place. The base model Nissan Leaf has a 40 kWh battery and a real world range of about 151 miles. This is charged until the vehicle is 6 years old. See what our expert review team say about this car. ProPILOT will disengage and allow you to take full control. How we rated this car out of 5 on the following. It's long been the go-to choice for electric car buyers, and has topped the electric car best-sellers lists in the UK for almost as long as they've existed. That’s really decent range. These deals are based on terms of 8,000 miles, for a 36 month lease with a 6 months initial payment. There's no need to wait - they're available right now. The standard UK car tax rate is currently £0. There is no gear shift to move around to change gears. I want to receive deals and EV newsletter, ECOMOTORS INC.11 KIRKBRIDGE CT MARLTON, NJ 08053. Most other EVs, except for the VW e-Golf, have an active thermal management system which avoids this rapid charging issue. You may also have to pay higher rates based on your car’s emission levels The average electric car can do around 3 mi (5 km) on 1 kWh of energy. Instead, the e-Pedal causes the electric motor to go in reverse and act as a generator. The more expensive Nissan Leaf e+ version, with its 62 kWh battery, can go about 215 miles on a single charge. Basically, on long trips, if you have to rapid charge more than once in the day, the Leaf’s software slows the charging rate down in order to keep the battery temperature lower. Here’s the competition in the £30,000 to £40,000 segment: In 2019, Nissan updated the Leaf again, offering the Leaf e+ model. Unless you are a salesperson driving up and down the country every week, 151 miles is plenty of range for the vast majority of daily drives. Such stations are usually located near the main highways to enable convenient road trips. Maximum power the car can take when charging at specially designed DC charging stations. It's farewell to the Leaf - it might not be the flashiest EV around but it might still be one of the better ones, Find out whether the latest Nissan Leaf has what it takes to hold off a significant challenge from a slew of newer electric car rivals with our expert, The world's best-selling electric vehicle now has a longer range, more technology, and can be charged more quickly, This is the latest version of the world's biggest-selling electric car, and it's set to go on sale early next year, with stronger performance and a longer. You set the speed and the distance between you and the vehicle in front, and ProPILOT does the rest. You switch from one to the other, as required, while driving. It drives well and, as with nearly all EVs, has excellent acceleration. Please note: the Leaf has no active thermal management system for the battery. Tesla has its own form of cruise control called Autopilot. If you want to brake, you simply let the e-Pedal come up a little bit. Nissan Leafs offer a top speed range between 89mph and 98mph, depending on the version. What does that mean? Driver and passenger space, materials, boot size etc. The more you let your foot off the e-Pedal, the harder the braking. That’s really decent range. You can drive it into work every day with pride.

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