Armageddon takes strongly after the Wehrmacht of World War II, particularly the armored divisions. Each hunter-killer missile can only be fired once per battle. Given point changes in Chapter Approved 2018 and the current rules shifting against Deep Strike, this detachment could become very common. Commanders fully kitted? Their biggest ace is Guilliman who will take you for a rough ride with his rerolls-r-us schtick, even though he's been slightly nerfed he's dropped in points. Be sure and use the Index datasheet for the priest rather than the crappy Codex version if you want access to eviscerators, bolters, plasma guns, combi-weapons, etc. Ideal you have commission Yark with him. Bullgryns. For ease, use strips of packing tape sticky-side up; a serried squad of 10 fits perfectly on a strip about 6" long. Ogryn Bodyguard. Each model is armed with a grenadier gauntlet and frag bombs and equipped with a slabshield. Subtract 1 from hit rolls if firing model is. Also +1 to wound means those meltaguns and multimeltas wound your Leman Russes and Baneblades on 3+, not to mention anything below T8 gets wounded on a 2+. Since they lack the necessary keywords, Scholastica Psykana (Primaris Psykers & Astropaths), Forge World (Enginseers), Adeptus Ministorum (Priests), Militarum Auxilla, and Aeronautica Imperialis (Officers of the Fleet, outside of Elysia) characters can't use these traits. your turns will go by faster once you start piling up casualties. Lords of War), a cheaper Supreme Command Detachment (3-5 HQs plus 0-1 LoW), or give it the Steadfast Leviathan Tank Ace trait in a Superheavy Auxiliary Detachment. Against GEQs (T3 5+), Twin Heavy Stubbers are better (3.9204 wounds on average vs 2.4948 wounds on average). For 258 points a unit of 3 Venators with twin lascannons will be dropping 6 shots (3 hits on average unless you buff their to-hit rolls) which can easily ruin the day of any vehicle or monster that's not a Lord of War. Were Catachan provide artillery support with Militarum Tempestus will being aim to destroy vehicles. Her morale ability is incredibly potent and will absolutely offset any Leadership penalties you might be suffering, so suck it, enemy Psykers and debuffers. Elysians Drop Troops are the paratroopers of the 41st millenium. Commanders of any kind let you bring Command squads. I'm confussed... what side of the fence am I on??? It might be tempting to use the sponsons but by doing so you would concentrate too many points and firepower on an already way too fragile model. You currently have javascript disabled. Lascutters + breacher charge + power fist is cute and could be fun to play, but the range weapons will put out more damage and can put out that damage reliably. If you're not using the Daring Descent or Precision Drop stratagems, put your melta troops in a transport. There also aren't a lot of solid counters against T6 - especially when your opponent's lascannons are more worried about your. Matched Play rules are basically the only rules because every other kind of play literally does not happen. Enemies can reap bounteous rewards through good target selection against the IG, and it can be tricky to find ways to deny their efforts. Warlord Trait - Honored Duelist: Re-roll failed hit and wound rolls in the Fight phase for attacks made by your Warlord. Another way of looking at it is that in a pure Elysian force this is the cheapest fast attack choice we get. Think of him as the Guards answer to Smashfucker... only instead of a jetpack he's got Downs Syndrome. You should only ever consider taking the Battle Cannon and/or Autocannons if you for some reason need extra range. Relics - Pietrov's MK 45: The bearer may replace its Bolt Pistol with a better, AP-1 D2 Pistol 2 (as of Spring 2019 FAQ) Bolt Pistol, and prevents friendly Valhallan units within 6" from losing more than 1 model per morale check, effectively turning your Company Commander into a Commissar, reducing your army's dependence on them even further. Dakka! Tie up a problematic unit with disposable Conscripts, then order your Heavy Weapon Squads to fire on your command... Did you notice it only says "friendly units"? Commissar (Legendary) Platoon Commander (Legendary) Special Weapons Squad … Now, instead of throwing a few breachers around your army, making it sort of threatening sometimes in melee, one quickly realizes that a piece of one-use wargear that costs more than 3 plasma guns must have a lot more impact on the game than breacher charges do. What you have in numbers you do not have in resilience; your most common model statline is toughness 3 with a 5+ save. If deep-striking infantry arrived within 9+" of your unit, give the order and now they'll need a charge of 9" + your advance", although you'll be firing at a penalty if you do it with heavy weapons, since you moved.

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