In Mythology Pegasus is the white Seahorse of Revelation, the white seahorse in the sky, and the white seahorse of memory within you. Declination: 19.53° Pegasus constellation is bordered by Cygnus, Lacerta, Delphinus, Vulpecula, Equuleus, Andromeda and Zodiac constellations Aquarius and Pisces. [22] It is a slowly pulsating B star that varies slightly in luminosity with a period of 22.952 ± 0.804 hours, completing 1.04566 cycles per day. Pegasus contains 8 bright stars and its known planets and they are shaped like a body and head of a horse. Its characteristic emission lines are produced by gas moving at high speeds around the central black hole. sent an insect to bite Pegasus on his flank, causing him to rear up and throw Astronomers have predicted that all five galaxies may eventually merge into one large elliptical galaxy.[42]. - Scheat (Beta Peg) Pegasus was born when Perseus cut off the head of Medusa, who was impregnated by the god Poseidon. It was spotted by Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE, and later on, acknowledged in the modern constellations by IAU. The constellation is known for the Great Square of Pegasus , a familiar asterism in the northern sky, as well as for a number of bright stars and deep sky objects, among them Messier 15 (NGC 7078, Cumulo de Pegaso), Stephan’s Quintet of galaxies, the Einstein Cross (a gravitationally lensed quasar), and the unbarred spiral galaxy … Square degrees: 1121 The 2nd coming is a restoration of memory concerning who we are, where we come from and where we are going. It has become to think that Perseus then made use of Pegasus in his long return journey to the island of Seriphos, rescuing Andromeda from the sea monster in Aethiopia from the back of the winged horse. He was foaled by the Gorgon Medusa upon her death, when the hero Perseus decapitated her. opportunity to carry around Zeus's thunderbolts, The white, winged horse Pegasus was the offspring of Poseidon and the Gorgon , Medusa, JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. ESA/Hubble, By NASA, STScI, WikiSky (WikiSky's snapshot tool) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, By ESA/Hubble & NASA [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, By Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona [CC-BY-SA-3.0-us], Consciousness spirals above and below to experience in different frequencies. He was then dispatched back to earth, and ended his Twelve star systems have been found to have exoplanets. The constellation was named after Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology. Pegasus Constellation. Notable deep sky objects: M15, NGC 7177, NGC 7331, NGC 7332, NGC 7479, NGC 7742, Stephan's Quintet. [28] It has expanded until it is some 95 times as large, and has a total luminosity 1,500 times that of the Sun. Cerus was a very large and powerful bull, and he wandered about freely. [15] It is an irregular variable, its apparent magnitude varying between 2.37 and 2.45. So the thought patterns that are part of the human psyche or consciousness that eventually manifest into the physical realms are represented by the Muses. The Muses were Calliope, Epic stories, Erato Love, Enterpe, lyric (word), Melpomeny tragedy, Thalia, Comedy, Clio history, Urania, Astronomy, Polyhymnia, sacred song (see the word Hymn), and Terpsichore, dance. [21] Also known as Biham, it is a 3.43-magnitude white main sequence star of spectral type A2V, around 1.8 times as massive, 24 times as luminous, and 2.3 times as wide as the Sun. Pegasus is the seventh-largest constellation in the sky. - Salm (Tau Peg). [26] Theta Pegasi marks the horse's eye. Medusa’s hair transformed into snakes and she became ugly. In Greek mythology, Pegasus represents a flying horse flown by Bellerophon. Around this sun star they found an orbiting planet. If you are below the Equator, look for… Pegasus is a white winged stallion from Greek mythology. This had never happened Pegasus Constellation Stars 01 ♓ 52 06 ♓ 49 […] Alpha (Markab), Beta (Scheat), and Gamma (Algenib), together with Alpha Andromedae (Alpheratz, once also designated Delta Pegasi) form the large asterism known as the Square of Pegasus. [4], In Chinese astronomy, the modern constellation of Pegasus lies in The Black Tortoise of the north (北方玄武), where the stars were classified in several separate asterisms of stars. confirmed by Geoffrey Marcy and Paul Butler of San Francisco State University. [7], In Hindu astronomy, the Great Square of Pegasus contained the 26th and 27th lunar mansions. Pegasus The lensed quasar resembles a cross because the gravitational force of the foreground galaxy on its light creates four images of the quasar. Pegasus as depicted by Johann Bayer in his Uranometria (1603). Jesus and Zeus are one and the same, both creations of the Greek mind of mythology to bring us to an, understanding of ourselves and the cosmos in which we live. [2] Pegasus, in Greek mythology, was a winged horse with magical powers. The Great Square of Pegasus is the main body of Pegasus constellation. He served as Perseus’ steed and helped the hero defeat the sea-monster Cetus to save Princess Andromeda and the country of Aethiopia. North South.

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