Stine - (ebook by Undead).pdf download But she was in a really bad mood for the rest of the day.". The Phantom landed hard on his feet. Once, I glanced back and saw Tina mouthing my lines silently to herself. she boasted. Classic Goosebumps #20: Phantom of the Auditorium. "We left," I blurted out. Really dramatic. He moved quickly, stepping from the doorway, entering the room, walking toward us with that menacing expression. She had just finished introducing Brian to everyone. It was all true. "Does he think we need to be scared every afternoon?". With a hard jerk, the platform started to raise itself. I took my time walking home. Get Goosebumps with the startling repackage of a bestselling classic. "Where do you think we are?". And then he stepped toward me, taking quick strides. What a ham! He blocked the doorway and glared in at us, an ugly, menacing scowl on his scarred face. "The boy who had discovered the play at the library won the lead role of The Phantom.". "Very funny, Zeke," Ms. Walker said, rolling her eyes. He was thinking so hard about the Phantom, I don't think he even heard me. "Let's try it out, okay? Original. Come on, Zeke, give me a break! I gave Zeke a shove. I told her I had a dentist appointment.". A stage light comes crashing down. "That's why I want him to open his locker.". Why would I do that? Zeke was grounded — probably forever — and couldn't leave the house. Know-It-All.". But Zeke and I stepped up to the door, our flashlights beaming over it. I nodded. "Where? Now we can enjoy ourselves and put on a great performance. Everything had been going so smoothly. Photos and Reviews of “Goosebumps The Musical”, Fancy Nancy The Musical at Chance Theater (Anaheim, CA), © 2017 Danny Abosch | Art & Photos: Michelle Dimuzio, Robin Preiss Glasser, First Stage, Scholastic, Lauren Machlica,, Tommy Nolan, Paul Ruffolo, Chris Dzombak. He says he's sorry he tried out for the play. he said sharply. "Really, Zeke, I don't know," I said, making a tight ponytail. Ms. Walker demanded, her arms still tightly crossed in front her. Brian took a step back. I turned to him. I asked finally.

"How do you know about the trapdoor?" "He used to bring me here with him when I was a kid. "Okay, okay," Zeke muttered. Brian and I followed after him.

"Tell us! But no one has ever seen him.". "But I don't scare so easy!" I couldn't believe it! I wondered out loud. I cupped my hands together. I apologize for scaring you. Smashing melons. So have fun painting your scenery. You'll fall," she said. He had his hands shoved in his pockets. he whispered happily. A very bad feeling. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Phantom Of The Auditorium Goosebumps 24 Rl Stine . Brooke's best friend, Zeke, has been given the lead role in the school play, "The Phantom." I cried out as the platform stopped with a jolt. Only one person in the whole world can ever get away with calling me Brookie.

Meanwhile, his alter-ego, Master Chaos, is sharing his movie knowledge daily on Youtube. Do some exploring." They heard it, too. "There's no proof that it ever happened.". I declared. It was a boring thing to say, but it was true. Brian asked. Naipauls Half a Life, Air Toxics Risk Assessment Reference Library, Firebrand Waves of Digital Activism 1994-2014, Home Book of Picture Framing: 2nd Edition, Praderas y Lanares - Tecnologia Ovina Sudamericana. She shook her hair hard. We didn't find the mask. I guessed that the only way to raise it all the way up was to step on the peg onstage. "Zeke," I said thoughtfully, "why would the stage trapdoor come all the way down here?". "Brooke — jump back on!

The platform had lowered all the way down. He's the one who swung down from the catwalk. Really!" I found myself wondering. Zeke grabbed my arm. Zeke and I had both tried out for the play. Did — ? OK, close 4.60. ", All three of us studied him, trying to decide if he was telling the truth. "I heard you got the starring role. Because I'm an idiot!" I peeked out from behind the pillar. His pale gray eyes stared into mine. Everyone seemed really excited. A message appears on a piece of scenery: "The Phantom Strikes!" Fathers of both sides reject their love affair. I desperately tried to hold in my sneezes, but it wasn't easy. "My great-grandfather said the play is cursed. Biting my left thumbnail, I crossed the fingers on my right hand and stared up at the list. ", "You looked so stressed out onstage, I thought maybe you were sick," Tina replied nastily. He stopped suddenly. "You are only trying to control me, to keep me a child!". Walker. Ms. Walker called down into the opening. "Way to go, Brookie!" "They practiced the play after school every day," Ms. Walker continued. Is he going to come flying down from the catwalk in full costume or something?". I wandered over to Brian.

I demanded. I stepped on the peg. "Yeah," I agreed. I don't know why I told him all that. She tilted. He shook them really hard.

"Let's just get our coats and get changed at home," Zeke suggested. Something bothered me. I have the worst allergies in creation. As we walked to school, I kept seeing shadows moving close as if reaching for us. "If I find out that you and Brian had anything to do with it, I'll remove you from the play and call your parents in, too," Ms. Walker threatened. The loud clanking. Keep your light down on the ground so we can see where we're going.". He was filling in some spots he had missed. No one even breathed! ", "There's a phantom in the school," Zeke told her breathlessly. Her lips silently formed the words of the scrawled message: She shut her eyes and kept them shut for a long moment. He swept his blond hair back with one hand. The square of light above our heads grew larger and brighter as we rose back up to the auditorium. I started to sit down, but realized I'd left my science notebook in my locker. "I saw him talking to her this morning. I really lost my cool. I will not be afraid.". She followed us out into the hall and leaned her back against the tile wall. Before I could reply, she turned and hurried across the aisle and out the auditorium door. Wait a minute!" "I worked so hard on that backdrop," Brian continued. ", Ms. Walker opened her mouth to speak, but changed her mind. Zeke demanded, raising his flashlight to Brian's face. So he wears a mask. "Bye, Tina.". You have been suspended from school. He narrowed his eyes at me thoughtfully. Just a bed and some old furniture.". "And it's a pretty awesome surprise. Gripping the heavy, old book in both hands, I opened to the pages marked by the bookmark. And even if we yell and scream at the tops of our lungs for help, there's no way anyone could hear us. he repeated. A whole family of plaster skunks. I insisted. "Bring it back down!". How could I have forgotten? The dog watched it bounce away. His eyes were really excited. Zeke yelled happily. "What happened to you the first time the play was supposed to be performed? When the bell finally stopped clanging, Ms. Walker took a few steps toward the classroom door. I don't know. Her skinny body shuddered. Everyone was waiting for Esmerelda to speak. He slaps the floor and yells, "Seven! His bright red hair stood straight up on his head. "This was just a story. As the story opens, Sue and Eddie are touring the infamous ominous Terror Tower. But I really didn't feel like talking about it. We're totally trapped.". It was first published in 1994. you're not the Phantom?" My mouth dropped open. Does he live in that dark chamber so far below the stage? "Okay, scenery people," Ms. Walker instructed. Just where it had been for Ms. Walker. Everybody go home! That night I dreamed about the play. She stopped short and let out a little gurgle as her eyes fell on the backdrop.

I called. Zeke — or whoever it was — had sent it back up empty. A total blackout! "We pushed the door to get in here — right?". And he also wears glasses. "I haven't heard anything to convince me," she said. School had ended for the day, and I was trying to get my locker open. I only forgot my lines twice. It hadn't been blown shut by any wind. He thinks he's a riot. The floorboards on the stage creaked as we made our way to the trapdoor. Ms. Walker stepped up beside me, an angry scowl on her face. He has seen my eyelid trick at least a zillion times. He was breathing that way because he was scared. Zeke glared up at me. I swallowed hard. "My family just moved to Woods Mill. And then I saw Zeke on the other side. Ms. Walker raised both hands for us to be silent. We heard a clanking sound.

I asked. Zeke and I have been best friends for nine years. Here, boy!" ", I hesitated. An odd smile. Zeke's mouth was wide open. Zeke forced a laugh.

"Look. We were sitting in the front row of the auditorium. I had to know who the Phantom was. The platform returned to the top. "Tell us! Really! He leaned against the wall and stared intently at Zeke's hands as Zeke twirled the lock.

"Somebody pushed the switch and sent it back up. He didn't reply.

"Zeke, Brian, and I — we came to the auditorium to look for the Phantom.". "Zeke — are you down there?". XD. We found him while we were doing a school play about a phantom. a voice called loudly. No way two dumb old lawn ornaments could be causing all the trouble?

But she always seems to be frowning at me. I played nervously with the denim hair scrunchie on my wrist and stared out into the darkness. And I didn't even have any lines to say! I turned back to Zeke, who was still in his seat. "I'll see you later," Brian said, backing down the hall.

Why are you making a joke of it?". ", Other frightened voices called out, "Who is screaming?". We turned to stare at the door.

Brian got up and followed me toward the door.

"Help! We met Brian on the front walk, where he'd promised to wait for us. The square platform shook beneath us as we slid down.

How awesome! We were just a few feet from the stage when we heard the sound. This time he had gone too far. The light from the flashlight made the long scar on his cheek look even deeper.

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