You're then taking all the risk, whereas the motor dealer should be doing this. replace a 22kWh battery with a 40kWh battery. These all turned out to be complete rubbish, but to sell the new cars, Nissan and Renault took the battery pack out of the equation, so you purchased the car and leased the battery pack. The new 33kWh Kangoo remains at 75% state of health guarantee. However, when looking at older used vehicles, the battery lease makes far more sense. Renault have now opened a battery centre in Wolverhampton so batteries no longer need to be returned to France for repair or refurbishment. For owned batteries - £8,700 on a part exchange basis or £13,100 if you keep the old battery pack. All battery rentals include VAT, except the Kangoo ZE which are listed excluding VAT. However, there are a few exemptions to this: Within the battery agreement is an insurance value for the battery pack. When insuring your electric vehicle with a hired battery, you need to include the battery in the declared value of the vehicle. Renault were doing 22kWh to 40kWh Zoe battery upgrades in late 2017 in some European countries and was muted to be available in the UK in early 2018. and Master Z.E., this warranty covers a period of 5 years or 100,000 km. The insurance value of the battery is stated in your agreement, but it is typically around £6,500. In these circumstances above, the dealer is trying to miss out the step of taking on the battery hire themselves, by registering the battery hire straight to the customer. All Renault & Nissan agreements are with RCI Financial Services Ltd, based in Maple Cross. Note: From October 2017, battery state of health guarantee on the 22kWh Kangoo ZE vans is 60%. This means you own the vehicle, but rent the battery pack. The process is a very simple and if its all done via email, it can be completed within a few hours. If a vehicle requires battery work, your local Renault dealership will transport the whole vehicle to battery centre, as it is easier to transport the whole vehicle, than just an individual battery pack. The Zoe & Kangoo pricing has now changed to a term-less scheme, where you simply pay based on mileage alone. You can expect to pay around 4.000 € for a 4 year-old battery – like the example of the 2013 Renault Zoe on sale in Spain. You're welcome to contact me if you have questions regarding battery leases. The price of a car with battery hire is typically around £5,000-6,000 cheaper than the equivalent car with battery ownership. Typically this is around £7,200 for a 5 year old 22kWh pack in a Renault Zoe or Kangoo. Battery lease explained. If you're likely to change car within that 5 years, its cheaper to hire the batteries than to own them and you've got the money in your bank rather than tied up in the deprecating car. This centre is now replacing individual cells in battery packs, so its good news that this work is being done in the UK. The advantages of electric car battery leasing are mainly a lower initial cost and the peace of mind that if the batteries deteriorate significantly they will be replaced for you.

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