Dragon/wyvern (dragon with only two legs): valiant defender of treasure; valour and protection, Griffin (head, wings, and talons of an eagle with the body of a lion): valour and death-defying bravery; vigilance, Harpy (virgin's face, neck and breast with the body of a lion): ferocity under provocation, Hydra (dragon with seven heads): conquest of a very powerful enemy, Pegasus: poetic genius and inspiration; messenger of God, Unicorn: extreme courage; virtue and strength. The head symbolizes strength and fortitude. You can trace your family history by researching your family tree on Genes Reunited.

Red represents military strength, blue stands for truth and loyalty and green represents hope, joy and loyalty in love. Lines are another part of a coat of arms that contain meanings.

Hope this helps.

Maybe not weird, but definitely interesting nonetheless. The images in this post have been kindly permitted by COADB.com. Would be cool to see it. My wanted a tattoo of our coat of arms but I had trouble finding it. [2] In the popular mind they have come to symbolise the nation of England, although according to heraldic usage nations do not bear arms, only persons and corporations do (however in Western Europe, especially in today's France, arms can be territorial civil emblems). Thx for all the help Owain!

The Genes Reunited Team will be writing blogs and keeping you up to date with changes happening on the site. In the standard variant used outside of Scotland, the shield is quartered, depicting in the first and fourth quarters the three passant guardant lions of England; in the second, the rampant lion and double tressure flory-counterflory of Scotland; and in the third, a harp for Ireland. [42] Tabards featuring the Royal Arms continue to be worn at several traditional ceremonies, such as the annual procession and service of the Order of the Garter at Windsor Castle, the State Opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster, the coronation of the British monarch at Westminster Abbey, and state funerals in the United Kingdom. And what does a lion on a red background represent? Her writing highlights include publishing articles about music, business, gardening and home organization. On an unrelated note I am really into genealogy and I was wondering if you know of a free site for a family tree. The House of Names site have the earliest form of arms for surnames, so probably you have a different version. Hello, Owain here. The arms of the Prince of Wales show the arms of the ancient Principality in the centre as well as these quarterings. She now teaches computers at The Granville School and St. John's Primary School in Sevenoaks Kent.

It’s so cunfusing like finding my way through an overgrown rose vine! My guess is that they represent Viking shields all together for the first time in history – the 1397 Kalmar Union. After researching my family history for a number of years I wanted to give back to the genealogy world. Coats of arms are not my speciality but I’ll help as much as I can. They are known as differences of marks of cadency. My question is in regards to the soldier and horse on the family crest. Royal Coat of Arms. And how margrets son writing such scathing things about Henry the murderer Thx! [43], Edward, the Black Prince, wearing a surcoat emblazoned with the Royal Arms of England, The arms of Oriel College, Oxford alludes to the institution's regal foundation by using the Royal Arms of England with a silver border added for difference. Sorry but I don’t like to give out my email here because of spam. The coat of arms generally refers to the, cape, shield, crest and helmet, while the family crest technically only refers to the small image that lies on the helm (top of the helmet).

Something unique to me! What’s the difference between a coat of arms and family crest? Genes Reunited reveals the meanings behind the signs of heraldry. How do you go about finding which color represents you and your family? Apart from that I don’t know anymore. First of all the different tinctures (or colors) that are used on a coat of arms can mean different things about who they represent. When the French king altered his arms from semée of fleur-de-lys, to only three, the English quartering eventually followed suit. The first Frankish king marcomin van thoxandrie from the year 220, William the conqueror for crying out loud, As well as sir Brereton husband if phillipa Hulse, And others executed under a the tyranny of Henry This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Royal research. [3] The blazon of the Arms of Plantagenet is: Gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or armed and langued azure,[4][5] signifying three identical gold lions (also known as leopards) with blue tongues and claws, walking past but facing the observer, arranged in a column on a red background. [33] The shape of the arches of the crown has been represented differently at different times, and can help to date a depiction of the crest. There you can find out interesting facts and information about your family, as well as your coat of arms. Enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for contacting me and including this site in your research paper. British heraldry rules only allowed a firstborn son to receive his father's crest upon his death. You have been a huge help. These held particular significance in heraldry. A lamb carrying a staff or banner with a cross is a paschal lamb which represents faith, innocence, bravery, gentleness, purity, and a resolute spirit, Leopard: valiant and hardy warrior who enterprises hazardous things by force and courage, Panther: fierce but tender and loving to children and will defend her children with her life, Stag/stag’s antlers: one who will not fight unless provoked; peace and harmony; strength and fortitude, Swallow: one who is prompt and ready in doing business; also bringer of good news, Swan: poetic harmony and learning or lover thereof; light, love, grace, sincerity, perfection, Tiger: fierceness and valour; resentment; dangerous if aroused. This shield contains a symbolic meaning for a family, a person or an organization.

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