They became the first team to ever be eliminated from the Amazing Race after they got extremely lost driving to the Pit Stop in Zambia, allowing all the other teams to pass them by. This led to the course having Schizophrenic Difficulty, and the badly placed equalizers allowing the top two teams to get so far ahead following leg 9, that nothing that happened between the first half of episode 10 and the last 20 minutes of the finale actually mattered in the outcome of the Race. Friends from New York, and the first fan favorites due to their constant joking around and good-natured bickering with each other. The badly placed equalizers late in the game allowed them to cruise into the Final 3, and ultimately win the Race when they got a better cab than Frank & Margarita in New York. Married couple who met while serving in the army. and ending of the season are kind of rough, legs 4-9 hold up well against anything in the series. They struggled, yet managed to escape elimination following several lucky breaks. Frank: It's on like Donkey Kong! In India, despite leaving the Roadblock ten minutes before the other teams, they had trouble finding the Taj Khema Hotel, and were eliminated in 6th place. Mother and daughter team, they became fan favorites due to their tenacity despite being heavily outclassed by the other teams and being constantly on the edge of emotional breakdown.

Rob & Brennan and Kevin & Drew were ready to start a fight because the Guidos somehow intentionally shoved Nancy while standing in front of her.
Separated parents trying to reconcile their … However, they did not participate in the complaining about the Guidos' tactics, choosing instead to focus on the Race and their own relationship. Teachers and roommates. The teams who made it deep into the season included some very memorable and popular characters, and though the beginningnote The first few legs were cut challenge to challenge, meaning each task was shown to completion before moving onto the next one, making it impossible to tell what order the teams were in until they checked into the Pit Stop.

clearly not enthusiastic about being on the Race, (It was confiscated by airport security.). Lawyers and best friends, they were the first winners of the Race. Like Rob & Brennan, they wound up easily making the Final 3 thanks to the badly placed equalizers, where they were very excited to discover the Finish Line was in Queens, in their neighborhood. After winning the Fast Forward they sat around all day, drinking tea, waiting for a direct bus to the Pit Stop instead of heading there right away. The favorites to win for most of the season, they would make a critical mistake in leg 9. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from They were top competitors from the very beginning, and like the other teams they were not fans of Bill & Joe.

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