This is what I learned…, “Palm Springs” Could’ve Been Much Weirder According to Quantum Physics, Jurassic Park Is A Warning About The Future, Why Marvel Doesn’t Actually Have a Villain Problem, Nevertheless, They Persisted: The Radical Kindness of “Booksmart”. Set in pre-World War II 1940s, Barton Fink is a satire on our self-obsessed thought process, more aptly in the case of writers. CONFUSING MOVIE ENDINGS EXPLAINED ― BARTON FINK Barton Fink (1991) At the end of this Coen Brothers flick, Barton Fink wanders onto a beach, where he meets a woman resembling the picture decorating his sparse, depressing hotel room. Barton Fink provides us a lot of contextual imagery that never really gives a definitive answer to why it is there. He is a plodding, introspective, unsure intellectual whose lack of insight is matched only by his lack of talent. But it was never our intention to, in any literal sense, depict some bad dream, and yet it is true that we were aiming for a logic of the irrational. It’s that territory which is so fraught with danger that can lead a socially conscious mind like Barton’s to the crucible for a succession of such lurid and extravagant events. The paper-wrapped parcel swings from the twine in his lefthand. What I also love about the movie is that inspite of all the tension and mystery building, there is still a lot of comedy in the movie. Shortly after they meet, the movie ends, potentially leaving some viewers scratching their heads. He has a deliberate visual style in this movie complemented with the mastery of Roger Deakins. It ends on a very undecisive note without giving answers to an abundant amount of questions, leaving them for the audiences to figure out. But in fact, he's learned the truth about the dangerous world in which he now exists. I love how the film is a self-commentary. Very beautiful, backlit by the sun, approaching. The Coen brothers adapt the taking so well as the film transitions from a drama to a comedy and finally ending up as a thriller. Reader Question: Where to start when developing a story. It’s not possible for me to express how much detail and deeper meaning it showcases. Unlike their go-to genre of films, the Coen brothers decided to make a mysterious dark comedy, and they did it in flamboyant style with seemingly effortless technique. Basically, a prestigious writer sells himself out for a Hollywood pay check, and finds that torturing himself to produce high art in a world of crass commerce is a formula for madness. I think the main theme of Barton Fink is hypocrisy, the dual nature of man, to be able to exist with a set of principles, but to wholly subvert those with your actions. The unease, the anxiety and the uncertainty of what is going to happen next, all eventually making a person lose control. All he sees is a sweaty potbellied man, the suspenders and the desperation to please. He’s all talk about the common man and making a difference, yet when we meet him he’s in a tux at a fancy theater and then a luxurious restaurant. Meanwhile, throughout the entire film, Fink is subjected to the reality of Hollywood. He befriends Will Mayhew (played by John Mahoney) who is a drunken novelist, and calls Hollywood “the great salt lick”. CONFUSING MOVIE ENDINGS EXPLAINED ― BARTON FINK, CONFUSING MOVIE ENDINGS EXPLAINED ― DONNIE DARKO, MOVIE DIALOGUE OF THE DAY ― PARENTHOOD (1989). The Coen brothers share credit for their screenplay, which was then produced by Ethan and directed by Joel. ", MOVIE DIALOG OF THE DAY ― I, ROBOT (2004), MOVIE DIALOG OF THE DAY ― DARK CITY (1998). Is this because he’s actually a bad person or because he’s sold his soul to something he doesn’t believe in and is now being tormented and losing a grip on himself, that’s for us to decide. She says something, but her voice islost in the crash of the surf. What really works for this movie is how natural and seamless the transitions are. Actually, Fink offers nothing to anyone than entire movie. She nods and sits down on the sand several paces away fromhim, facing the water but looking back over her shoulder atBarton. Facing the ocean. The whole theme of the movie is built into Barton Fink himself, evident from the title. The film went on to receive the Palme d’Or in the 1992 Cannes film festival along with best actor for John Turturro and best director for Joel Coen. The Coen brothers seem to like these type of endings and perhaps nowhere more so than in their 1991 Hollywood fable Barton Fink. Staying in the eerie Hotel Earle, Barton develops severe writer’s block. Everyone knows Coen brothers for their heart-wrenching psychopathic thrillers like Fargo, True Grit and No Country for Old Men or commentaries like Hail, Caesar!, not to mention their biggest cult hit The Big Lebowski, but there is one particular movie which leaves me perplexed every single time I watch it — Barton Fink. Performances in the movie were all noteworthy , with a special mention to John Goodman for portraying a character with very drastic tonal shifts with such ease.

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