(uncredited) She concludes the season clean, but admits to Lorna that she is unhappy and a 'junkie addict liar'. Figueroa tries to avoid any scandals or media attention about the goings-on at the prison, and her desire to cover up incidents allows Mendez to get away with his schemes, although it later works in favor of the inmates.

(1 episode, 2014), Hoffman's Wife

Striking a friendship with her, he ends up letting Judy know about his guilt for turning Nicky in and getting her sent to max.

Despite her disgust with the white supremacist gang, she hangs out with them for protection from Maria's gang, but she is still kidnapped by Maria and branded with a swastika.

(2 episodes, 2016), Corrections Officer

Not wanting to be the reason negotiations fail, and growing fed up with Aleida's control after being ordered to lie that the shooting was in self-defense, she decided to turn herself in.

(uncredited) Inmate Madison Murphy "assists" in getting Piper sent to medical to look for her by tripping her up, causing her tooth to chip, but Alex is not there.

In the fourth season, after finding Aydin's body in her greenhouse, Frieda advises Alex and Lolly to dispose of it by chopping it up into pieces and hiding it in the soil beneath the garden.

At another point, Cindy was replaced by Gloria and after listening to her speak about the Fantasy Inmate game the guards were playing she reveals that the microphone wasn't turned on.

Core Khaki Inmate At the end of the third season, one of Kubra's enforcers, Aydin Bayat, confronts Alex in the greenhouse, ready to kill her.

After Maria leads the guards out of the prison, the state orders the riot team to take back the prison after Maria reveals that the guards were not released by Taystee. She and Alex then organize the inmates not participating in the riot into a single party, which stays out in the yard away from the action. The two meets regularly in a closet. Ethan stays outside David's house until Christmas Eve, when Paige shows up in her car. Frequently preaching about God, her religious rants are often laced with racism and hostility.

The script, written by Jay Reiss and Ian Helfer, appeared on 2008's Black List of best unproduced work; that list also featured The Beaver and Inglourious Basterds. Throughout most of the fifth season, she teams up with Red to try and take down Piscatella by exposing the details of reports that he murdered an inmate at the male prison he worked at before transferring to Litchfield. (1 episode, 2015), Laura 'Patty' Patterson Your new favorite show is right here. Member

Prisoner in AA Meeting

Nicky offers to help Blanca artificially inseminate with a makeshift syringe, and some of Diablo's sperm which Daya helps to smuggle in, though the attempt results in her being beaten up by her wing.
Wanting to straighten out after her release from prison, Alex makes an application to business school.

Toby invites her to dinner at the Walling house that night in order to spend more time with her. (uncredited)

She excitedly tells Diablo, and he tells her he will see her the next day.

It is later shown that Miss Claudette was inducted into forced child labor and sent to the United States from an unknown French-speaking country (possibly Haiti) to pay off a familial debt. After their relationship started to grow, Millie fired Diablo, stating that she thought he was a distraction for Blanca. (2 episodes, 2014), Inmate During a session, she was selected to lead a prayer and after completing it fellow group member Beth Hoefler confessed to pushing her head into the toilet. TV Newscaster

(1 episode, 2017), Girl Scout (2 episodes, 2015-2016), Corrections Officer She spends the second season a step ahead of Larry and a reporter's hunt, focusing on her husband's campaign to become a state senator and on getting pregnant. When Yvonne "Vee" Parker enters the prison and forms an African-American gang, Suzanne falls for Vee's charms and maternal influence, being exploited into becoming Vee's "muscle." Upon discovering a disused sewage drain in the prison greenhouse, Red restarts her smuggling business and reunites her shattered circle of friends.

(1 episode, 2017), Nicky's Classmate at Bat Mitzvah

(1 episode, 2016), Judy King Supporter

(uncredited) However, Vee sneaks up on Red in the greenhouse and beats her violently with a sock with a padlock inside, sending her to the prison hospital. Reiss and Helfer wrote the spec script, which is inspired by a story they heard from friends, during the Writers Guild of America strike. During a meeting with one of the COs, the women bring the used panty businesses to his attention (after Piper tried to downplay it), resulting in Maria being caught and Piscatella stating that he would recommend that Maria gets three to five years added to her sentence. [14], The ending was rewritten before shooting. During the fourth season, she left Piper's used panty business and joined Maria's rival business.

Big Boo – now her closest friend – devises a plan to get revenge for Coates' actions, but they decide not to go through with it. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

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