The value of the goods traffic is not so high, owing, principally, to the want of intercommunication between the various lines on account of differences in the width of the gauge.

This type has the advantage of economy in first construction, there being the minimum amount of material to be excavated, and no interference during construction with street traffic or subsurface structures; it has, however, the disadvantage of the cost of o p eration of lifts at the stations. Harwich is one of the principal English ports for continental passenger traffic, steamers regularly serving the Hook of Holland, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Hamburg. c, where the traffic is small it is usual to make one wire serve several stations. In October 1907 there was again a general strike at Milan, which was rendered more serious on account of the action of the railway servants, and extended to other cities; traffic was disorganized over a large part of northern Italy, until the government, being now owner of the railways, dismissed the ringleaders from the service. Before doing this, however, it was necessary to define the limits of tribal properties already existing - a work of great difficulty - with a view to their ultimate division, and at the same time to guard against any premature traffic in the rights of Arabs in the lands about to be divided. The traffic at the chief German ports of the river aggregated 4,489,000 tons in 1870, but by 1900 this had grown to a total of 17,000,000 tons, thus distributed: Ruhrort, 6,512,000 tons; Duisburg, 3,000,000 tons; Cologne, 1,422,000 tons; and Mannheim, 6,021,000 tons. Hence many of the earlier bridges have had to be strengthened to carry modern traffic. Such traffic as there is is carried by means of packb ullocks.

It seems possible that the road at first led to Tusculum, that it was then prolonged to Labici, and later still became a road for through traffic; it may even have superseded the Via Latina as a route to the S.E., for, while the distance from Rome to their main junction at Ad Bivium (or to another junction at Compitum Anagninum) is practically identical, the summit level of the former is 725 ft. Under the administration of President Cipriano Castro this traffic was suspended for a long time, and trans-shipments were made at La Guaira.

12. The traffic accident is really a tragedy. 78. In America it is comparatively infrequent, as total-adhesion types are not in favour. Unfortunately, like other northward-flowing rivers, it does not lead down to a frequented sea, and so bears little traffic except for the northern fur-trading posts. Dover (Dubris) was one of the ports for continental traffic in Roman times. Parts of this coastwise traffic are covered by other companies, two of which receive subsidies. Though included by the Israelites within the limits of the tribe of Judah, and mentioned in Judges xix.

Good roads for foot traffic have been made from the seaports to the trading stations on Lakes Nyasa, Tanganyika and Victoria. All that tourist traffic has made the restaurant industry thrive, providing residents and guests with a variety of meal options. 4. Folkestone inner harbour is dry at low water, but there is a deep water pier for use at low tide by the Channel steamers, by which not only the passenger traffic, but also a large general trade are carried on. The car receives the traffic and conveys it across the river, being caused to travel by electric machinery on the high level bridge.

Bergen is an important centre of the extensive tourist traffic of Norway. The Karawanken railway, a direct connexion with Bohemia and the northern industrial provinces of Austria, is calculated to counteract the gravitation of traffic towards the German ports; while the Tauern railway constitutes the shortest route to the interior of Austria and to the south of Germany. A harbour was made in1899-1900on the Wakenitz canal for boats engaged in inland traffic, especially on the Elbe and ElbeTrave Canal. The through railway traffic of Hamburg is practically confined to that proceeding northwards - to Kiel and Jutland - and for the accommodation of such trains the central (terminus) station at Altona is the chief gathering point. All the important towns of Italy are provided with internal electric tramways, mostly with overhead wires. Owing to the rapid increase in the traffic, a new harbour at the mouth of the Neckar was opened in 1898. Boats could be conveyed over flat and easy portages from one river-basin to another, and these portages were subsequently transformed with a relatively small amount of labour into navigable canals, and even at the present day the canals have more importance for the traffic of the country than have most of the railways. So marked are these evils that such partial competition is avoided by agreements between the competing lines with regard to rates, and by divisions of traffic, or pools, which shall take away the temptation to violate such rate agreements. 6. Obispo (Pi y Margall in the new republican nomenclature), O'Reilly and San Rafael are the finest retail business streets, and the Prado and the Cerro the handsomest residential streets in the city proper. The revenue and expenditure were in the years stated as follows: - The revenue is made up from taxes, including customs, tolls, including returns from railway traffic, &c., and the balance comes The difference is made up of "special expenditure.". With France there is a large traffic in wines, spirits, silk, fruit, vegetables and general provisions. For local traffic there are several lines; one from Iztapa, near San J ose, to Naranjo, and another from Ocos to the western coffee plantations.

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