Section 36. Treasure hunting is considered illegal here in the Philippines simply due to the reason that most hunters does not know how to properly fix the holes they dug or excavated. if you are digging in your own private property, like your backyard, make it discreet, if you can't, make an alibi, don't tell anyone you are digging a treasure. Anthropological Research and Archaeological Exploration/Excavation. Designation of Heritage Zones. Section 37.

- Whoever desires to export cultural property registered in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Property shall adhere to the following requirements: (a)Authorization from the Commission through the appropriate cultural agencies; (b)Application for export permit shall be submitted thirty (30) days before the intended export from the Philippines; and.

Failure to follow deputization order of the concerned cultural agency as well as the Commission shall be penalized in accordance with Section 49 herein. Government Staffs Monitoring your Digging or Excavation, Unfair Sharing Declared by the Philippine Treasure Hunting Law. A cultural heritage worker involved in science and technology in government agencies shall be eligible for the benefits under Republic Act No. Every treasure hunter in the Philippines are now entitled to follow laws that are implemented by the government. Therefore, if you are a treasure hunter and you do not want to risk being caught by the authorities then, go and get your permit. - A heritage zone shall be maintained by the local government unit concerned, in accordance with the following guidelines: (a)Implementation of adaptive reuse of cultural property; (b)Appearance of streets, parks, monuments, buildings, and natural bodies of water, canals, paths and barangays within a locality shall be maintained as close to their appearance at the time the area was of most importance to Philippine history as determined by the National Historical Institute; and. They shall submit a quarterly inventory of items carried which shall include a history of each item.

Dealings of Cultural Property. Tax Exemption on Donations.

(b)When the presence of any cultural or historical property is discovered, the National Museum or the National Historical Institute shall immediately suspend all activities that will affect the site and shall immediately notify the local government unit having jurisdiction of the place where the discovery was made. - Within one (1) year from the effectivity of this Act, the Department of Education, in coordination with the Commission's Philippine Cultural Education Program, shall formulate the cultural heritage education programs both for local and overseas Filipinos to be incorporated into the formal, alternative and informal education, with emphasis on the protection, conservation and preservation of cultural heritage property. Explore - Search - Travel and Tours, Beside that i can help you to sell your treasure or your gold nuggets. - The Commission, in consultation with other government agencies mentioned in this Act, shall promulgate the implementing rules and regulations within ninety (90) days after the effectivity of this Act. - All cultural properties declared as national cultural treasures and national historical landmarks, sites or monuments shall be entitled to the following privileges: (a)Priority government funding for protection, conservation and restoration; (b)Incentive for private support of conservation and restoration through the Commission's Conservation Incentive Program for national cultural treasures; (c)An official heritage marker placed by the cultural agency concerned indicating that the immovable cultural property has been identified as national cultural treasures and/or national historical landmarks, sites or monuments; and.

For the protection of cultural and foreign affairs interests and to secure cultural heritage, the Philippines may conclude international treaties with contracting States on the import and repatriation of cultural property subject to the following conditions: (a)The scope of the agreement must be cultural property of significant importance to the cultural heritage of the contracting States; (b)The cultural property must be subject to the existing export policies for the purpose of protecting cultural heritage; and. (r) "History" shall refer to a written record of past events relating to Philippine history. Export of Cultural Property. All types of specimen collected in the Philippine territory shall be deposited in the National Museum. In this case, it …

The property owner may petition the appropriate cultural agency to remove the presumption of important cultural property which shall not be unreasonably withheld. - Upon conviction, the offender shall be subject to a fine of not less than Two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00) or imprisonment for a term of not less than ten (10) years, or both, upon the discretion of the court: Provided, That any cultural property attempted to be concealed from registration or those intended to be encumbered or excavated in violation of this Act shall be summarily confiscated and forfeited in favor of the Commission: Provided, further, That if the violation is committed by a juridical person, the president, manager, representative, director, agent or employee of the said juridical person responsible for the act shall also be liable for the penalties provided herein: Provided, furthermore, That if the acts are committed by dealers, they shall suffer, in addition to the penalties provided herein, the automatic revocation of their license to operate: Provided, finally, That if the offender is an alien, he/she shall be placed under the custody of the Bureau of Immigration for the appropriate proceedings under this Act and shall be summarily deported after serving his/her sentence. Art. Section 23.

So any treasure hunters who violates any of the rules can either be penalized or go to jail. (Sgd.) Section 28.

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