The Blazer and Jimmy appeared as 1983 models. Initially it was only available as a 2-door with 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. The Jimmy was a tad more upscale than the Blazer, the styling differed with a different nose (it had quad headlights versus the Blazer's dual setup) but it was otherwise identical. Dashboard gauge graphics were revised and updated and all speedometers now read to 85 MPH.

Around 1976, a prototype K5 Blazer [10] was used as a testbed for a military CUCV vehicle built by Vic Hickey, father of the HUMVEE. This resistor pack can be bypassed and the glow plugs run directly off of the 12v battery. The original Blazer and Jimmy remained in production until 1991; 1992 saw the introduction of a new K1500 Blazer (and the rebadged GMC Yukon) on the GMT400 platform. Also, helping to reduce air leaks in the doors was a new door handle seal. Upon introduction of the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer and the GMC Envoy, production continued after their successors came to the market, with the Jimmy being sold only in Canada and, in the 2005 model year, 4-door models sold to vehicle fleets. There were four choices for power plants: the 250 in straight-6, the 292 straight-6, the 307 V8, and the 350 V8. Ford would follow suit 2 years later with its all-new Bronco replacement Expedition in 1997 - and as a result, these 3 models would end up being far more popular than their Blazer/Jimmy/Bronco predecessors could have ever imagined with the explosion in SUV sales in the late 1990s/early 2000s. The 1994 S-10 Blazer and Jimmy seem to have used R-12 until the end of their production run and subsequent replacement with redesigned 1995 models that looked like new-for-1994 pickups. The models were mostly identical to each other save for emblems and identification, grilles, and some trim packages, Cheyenne and Silveradofor Chevy, SL and SLE for GMC. Wikicars, a place to share your automotive knowledge, 305 in³ V8 This Blazer appealed to more customers because of the less rugged appearance and rounded styling, and many storage spaces—a key feature for families. Although the GMT400 platform was introduced in the spring of 1987 as a 1988 model, the K5 Blazer, Suburban, and crew-cab trucks retained the earlier platform until 1991. 1989 was first year for the 241 transfer case and also the only year for speedometer cable driven version of the 241. 1972s got very little change at all while an all new redesigned model (naturally based on the C/K pickups) would be introduced in 1973. Not too different from the Envoy, it featured leather seats with a diamond pattern, special diamond logos, and an aluminum silver plate along lower sides of the SUV. The new compact sport/utility had a roomier interior with new seats and a new instrument panel. These engines produced nearly as much torque as the 350, giving a similar driving feel. Here's a quick rundown on each generation: The Blazer started out in 1969 on a shortened K10 pickup frame, and was basically GM's answer to the Ford Bronco, International Scout and the Jeep Cherokee/Wagoneer series (and perhaps to a lesser extent the Jeep CJ series), but a big difference was that the Blazer (for the time being) was the only one of these besides the Cherokee/Wagoneer to share its body styling with its pickup-truck brother, something the Ford Bronco wouldn't do until 1978 (and something the Scout and CJ would never do). Base power was provided by GM's 2.0 L OHV four-cylinder engine, producing 83 hp (62 kW).

The 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer slots between the subcompact Chevy Trax and the mid-size Chevy Blazer, the latter of which inspires the new model's sinewy bodywork. It had a wider ladder-type frame which made its track approximately 3.9 inches wider. 1975 models got new grilles and a larger optional 6.6L (400 cid) small-block V8. A passenger airbag is now standard. This was phased in because of the L35 option which used a similar fuel line setup. Only the two 4.3 L (262 cu in) engines were offered as options - the base TBI and the CPI (introduced in 1992 for the S-series and Chevrolet Astro minivans; the latter had the "Vortec" logo on the intake plenum).

The 305 V8 was dropped, leaving the 350 as the only gas V8 (which was much more popular anyway), and the 350 now had a single serpentine belt (replacing previous multiple V-belts) to drive engine accessories. It was replaced by the introduction of the Traverse in 2009. 1982 saw the Detroit Diesel 6.2 introduced; diesel-powered K5s are sought after (especially for diesel conversions running biodiesel and/or straight vegetable oil). A new brake warning light on the dashboard was also introduced for 1990. 400 in³ V8, 3-speed TH-350 automatic [3], The two-wheel drive version came with independent front suspension and rear trailing arms, both with coil springs. However, these power plants were underpowered and susceptible to detonation (engine knocking), especially with the electronic spark control module. An unfortunate new engine option this year was the wretched Oldsmobile-built 350 diesel V8. The interior was a carryover from 1991 with the exception of the center console and steering wheel (X-bar style similar to the one used in the GMT400 trucks).
2-wheel drive became standard this year (these were known as C5 Blazers) and had independent front suspension and rear trailing arms, with coil springs on both. In 2004 the Blazer … En Estados Unidos y Canadá estuvo disponible una versión de dos puertas, que no se comercializó en otros países. [1], In October 2019, a customized version of the first generation K5 Blazer was made using the entire body of a 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe was circulated throughout the social media world ahead of a scheduled display at the 2019 SEMA Show, and in honor of Blazer’s 50th anniversary.[5]. The Blazer had 8 inches (200 mm) of ground clearance and an approach angle of 35°. The 1.9 and 2.0 L gasoline fours and the 2.2 L diesel were dropped after 1985, replaced by the larger 2.5 L Iron Duke engine. Although rear-wheel drive Blazers were manufactured until 1982, the majority sold were four-wheel drive. The upscale Oldsmobile Bravada appeared later in the year featuring an All-Wheel-Drive package called "Smart-Trak" (using a BorgWarner 4472 transfer case, shared with the AWD Astro/Safari). This also included the electric motor drive cable which goes to the window regulator to the motor (similar in design to a speedometer cable), which usually would fail under heavy abuse. The 2 door GMC Yukon on the GMT400 platform was produced until 1997. Front grilles were changed for a second time in as many years, and upper-level Blazers and Jimmys could have stacked quad headlights. Most of the truck actually runs on 12 volts. These trucks had a slightly longer wheelbase than the previous models to improve drivability and towing, but there was no removable top offered, with a hatch and tailgate in the rear.

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