Pasture-raised goodness without the shells! That starts with girls on grass year-round, but it doesn’t stop there! Today Vital Farms (Nasdaq: VITL), a Certified B Corporation that offers a range of ethically produced pasture-raised foods nationwide, is introducing Egg Bites, a new line of single-serve, refrigerated bites made with high-quality ingredients including Vital Farms pasture-raised liquid whole eggs, pasture-raised cheese, humanely raised meats, and vegetables. If your store locator search turns up empty, contact us and we’ll do our best to get a store near you stocked! A new way to breakfast from Vital Farms. Here’s how it works: When you buy a carton of Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs, you’ll notice the farm’s name printed on the carton. Looking for more ways to enjoy our pasture-raised eggs? . This lifestyle gives the girls the freedom to forage through rotated pastures, feasting on a natural buffet of grasses daily. We boil up ethical eggs, pre-peel them and package pairs with tiny travel-size salt and pepper. I spe, Mysterious seeds from China were mailed to me mont, When I started this front yard garden, I had no id, I thought I’d share with you some of my talents, Most days I’m good and some days I’m really no, This has been me quarantining since March. For more information on Egg Bites, visit: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Mr. Gnome is a mean guard gnome, How I’m feeling ya’ll © 2020 Vital Farms. While that may be convenient, it also means that we often have no idea where our food is coming from. Give us a shout at Each comes from a pasture-raised hen who enjoys a minimum of 108 sq. #shifthappens #mamavatio. Instead, they built a transformational one. Each of our products is pasture-raised, meaning the animals who produce our eggs and the milk for our butter are free to roam in healthy pastures. No BS. ), combined them with pasture-raised cheese, humanely raised meats and veggies to create a single-serve, protein-packed breakfast. “Egg Bites are made with the ethically sourced ingredients that we believe consumers love and expect from Vital Farms. Each pack comes with two 2.3 oz egg bites. Serving Vital Farms and want to be featured? A photo accompanying this announcement is available at The Vital Farms Difference. The Vital Farms Pasture Passport. We created the Pasture Passport to help you keep track of all your birdwatching endeavors. You can then head to the Vital Farms website to type in the name of the farm and view a 360-degree video of the exact place your eggs came from. No empty claims. © 2020 GlobeNewswire, Inc. All Rights Reserved. As we grew, we didn’t make our farm bigger – we found more like-minded farmers who put the welfare of their feathered friends first. . All rights Reserved. We began as a single family farm. Vital Farms eggs are more expensive, but you are guaranteed eggs from hens who have never been exposed to pesticides or antibiotics. Sign up to get a free sample! Always. The phrase “cage-free” appears commonly on eggs, but, as Dill (and, by extension, Vital Farms) points out, it is, well, bullshit. . You’ve found it. Vital Farms' pasture-raised products, including shell eggs, butter, hard-boiled eggs, ghee and liquid whole eggs, are sold in approximately 13,000 stores nationwide. We believe folks like you should know (and see!) You’re now able to virtually visit the pasture of the small family farm where your Vital Farms eggs were laid. When we say our eggs are Pasture-Raised, we’re talking about real, green pastures. Sign up to get a free sample! for new farmer stories, recipes, pics from the pasture, and more! Copyright © Simplemost, All Rights Reserved. With 16-18 grams of protein per pack, Egg Bites are a great food to start your day or fuel your afternoon with a midday snack. If you’re a coffee drinker, there’s also a new app from IBM and Farmer Connect that will show you where your coffee beans came from. Let Vital Farms eggs, butter and ghee show you how delicious ethical food can be. Using method gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS ) Vital Farms eggs were tested in a lab certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on August 25th, 2020 and the results were all non-detect, meaning if there is DDT in the eggs, it’s lower than the detection level of 0.010 ppb.. Chlorpyrifos < 0.010ppb –Non-Detect Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Large Eggs 12 ct Looking for ethically produced food? We know a growing number of consumers crave a protein-packed breakfast made with fresh ingredients, but don’t always have the time,” said Meghan Shookman, Director of Innovation at Vital Farms. Each comes from a pasture-raised hen who enjoys a minimum of 108 sq. *likes* companies changing shades to be inclusive. The latest ready-to-eat product from Vital Farms, Egg Bites are a convenient and high protein breakfast made with ethically sourced ingredients, All rights Reserved. Looking for a store or e-retailer near you that carries Vital Farms? From pasture to plate in just 45 seconds, Egg Bites are the newest ready-to-eat innovation from Vital Farms. Vital Farms makes ethical snacking easy with our pasture-raised hard boiled eggs. Read product reviews for Pasture-Raised Eggs by Vital Farms. You’ve found it. Started on a single farm in Austin, Texas, in 2007, Vital Farms is the leading U.S. brand of pasture-raised eggs and butter by retail dollar sales. If you’re buying eggs for less than $3-4/dozen, odds are very good that your eggs come from inhumanely treated hens. Ya feel, Present mood. Would you be more likely to buy food from companies that show you where it is coming from? Today, while Farmers Markets are around, most of us head to massive grocery stores to get everything we need. I see what, This garden brought our family together. We created the Pasture Passport to help you keep track of all your birdwatching endeavors. We took our pasture-raised eggs (that you know and love! AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Craving a delicious, high-protein breakfast but don’t have time to cook? Pete and Gerry’s also offers in-person tours of some of their farms so you can get a first-hand look at where their eggs are from if one is offered in your area. Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to, San Francisco Zoo’s Stolen Lemur Was Found By 5-Year-Old Boy, A Huge, Record-Breaking Python Was Caught In Florida, Humpback Whales Are Making A Comeback Around New York City, Buy A 2.5-pound Box Of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Straight From The Factory, Macaulay Culkin Shared A Photo Of Himself Wearing A ‘Home Alone’ Face Mask And It’s Hilarious, How To Blur Your House On Google Street View. Website by Zócalo Design. So-called cage-free hens, on the other hand, never even go outside. Each of our products is pasture-raised, meaning the hens who produce our eggs and the cows who produce milk for our butter are free to roam in healthy pastures. Vital Farms also prioritizes the long-term benefits of each of its stakeholders, including farmers and suppliers, customers and consumers, communities and the environment, and crew members and stockholders. And frankly, so do we! . Use our store locator below or scroll down to find a restaurant serving up our pasture-raised eggs. Looking for ethically produced food? Free shipping on orders of $35+ or same-day pick-up in store. Egg Bites will be available in retail stores nationwide including Whole Foods Market and select Target locations beginning in August. If you haven’t noticed the farm name printed on the side of your egg carton, check again! Once you’ve collected 10 different farm names in your passport, you’ll be eligible to win a limited edition Vital Farms Birdwatchers Club hat. Cost: $6.99/dozen. You’ve found it. Your silence is deafenin, Standing with my brothers and sisters. Nisha, Ashley © 2020 Vital Farms. You’ll find QR codes to scan on Folgers 1850 brand premium single-origin coffee and other well-known brands of coffee starting this month. If your store locator search turns up empty, contact us and we’ll do our best to get a store near you stocked! Eggs, dairy, meat and vegetables often came from nearby farms and it wasn’t unusual to pick up your Sunday roast from a local butcher. “There is a significant portion of the consumer base, about 92 percent, who have a very poor understanding of the realities of cage-free,” says Dan Brooks, the creative director at Vital Farms. We bet you can taste the difference. Use our store locator below or scroll down to find a restaurant serving up our pasture-raised eggs.

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