“I’ve worked with Urban AZ for years and I will continue to work with them because anytime I do a campaign with them can I know my brands will be represented in their marketing and at their events.”

Brenda Dominguez

Advertising & Promotions Director , Khalil Bottling Co (7up & Squirt)

“Urban AZ has been extremely professional and easy to work with. We’ve enjoyed tremendous success with many events over the years”

Deonne McBean

Promotion & Marketing Director , Power 98.3/101.9

“For the past 8+ years I have came to Arizona, Urban AZ has always been professional and done business the right way. Always a pleasure working with Urban AZ.”

Keith Sweat

National Recording Artist

“I’ve been knowing Derek Ware for 20+ years, when you say boss he’s a boss among bosses. Always threw great shows and demanding a great amount of respect. Also admire his business savvy.”

Corey Wallace

Owner, VIP Enterprise (INTL)